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What Are The Effects Of Acid Rain?

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In my country, when people talk about acid rain, they will immediately associate it with alopecia. People believe that acid rain has some toxic substances which can erode human scalps. If people are in contact with acid rain for a long time, they will gradually lose their hair. Hence, everyone always opens an umbrella to avoid the damage of acid rain regardless of whether it is heavy or light. However, when I came to America, I found a phenomenon which surprised me. A few people do not like to use an umbrella even though it is raining cats and dogs. I thought maybe it was due to the fact that there is no acid rain problem in America. I felt curious about whether acid rain only affects my country or not, and I wondered how deep acid rain affects the ecosystem. So, I did research about the effects of acid rain, and found that acid rain also occurs in America. Based on scientists’ studies, it has been discovered that acid rain can ruin the environment, many kinds of creatures, and man-made structures.Acid rain was first discovered in the mid-1800s around the city of Manchester, England. Scientists gathered rainwater in England, and through a chemical analysis, they found it was acidic enough to hurt humans. England was one of the industry giants during the industrial revolution. With industrial prosperity, fossil fuels were widely used. The problem following was air pollution. As polluted air combines with rainwater, it becomes so-called acid rain. Why? Factors that contribute to more acid emissions containing nitrogen and sulfur are increasing in proportion to coal consumed, in the use of fly ash precipitators, in the height of stacks, and in use of petroleum in utilities and transportation. As these substances get into the atmosphere, they form sulfuric acid or nitric acid progressively via oxidation. After raindrops come in contact with sulfuric or nitric acid, the pH values will be below 5.65. Scientists consider that raindrops which are under pH 5.65 are acid rain (Canter 18-23).The formal name of acid rain should be acidic deposition. It is divided into two categories: dry deposition and wet deposition. Dry deposition means when there is an absence of precipitation, particles and gases stick to the ground, plants or other surfaces with acidic substances. In the other, wet deposition occurs when any form of precipitation, rain, snow, hail and so on, removes acids from the atmosphere and delivers precipitation to the earth’s surface (Mason 19). Therefore, acidic deposition is not only through raindrops into ecosystem as people thought, but also through particles in the atmosphere. The source of acidic deposition is so wide that people can not readily escape from acid damage. Acid rain has become a big problem all over the world. What follows are the essential effects of acid rain.First of all, it may happen that soil becomes acidic during the development of forest soil. Gradual dissolution of decaying leaves, continuous activities of...

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