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What Are The Changes That Take Place In Chapter 43 Especially Those Of Elizabeth Towards Mr Darcy? Essay On Novel " Pride And Prejudice' By Jane Austen

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In chapter 43 there are two major changes taking place both to do with the 2 main characters Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth. The changes in this chapter are Darcy’s “strikingly altered” behavior, and Elizabeth’s revised opinion and views on Mr. Darcy’s personality.Mr. Darcy has changed greatly. He has become far more “civil” than before. We see Jane Austen highlighting this by using the word 6 times when describing Mr. Darcy with 5 of them being used by Elizabeth herself to describe his “strikingly altered” behavior. Mr. Darcy still retains his sense of pride and high class status which Mrs. Gardiner observes as having “something a little stately in him” however Mr. Darcy remains a “gentleman” as Mrs. Gardiner continues to observe that his “stately”ness is “confined to his air”. Mr. Darcy has also become more accepting of Elizabeth’s relations as “his civil inquiries after her family” show. The fact that Mr. Darcy doesn’t like Mrs. Bennet and regards the rest of her daughters besides Jane and Elizabeth with disdain as he observes “that total want of propriety” displayed by them at the Netherfield ball would make it a courteous act to even ask whether they were well or not as he does to Elizabeth when they meet at Pemberley House. Furthermore when Elizabeth reveals to Mr. Darcy that her relations that he took to be “people of fashion” were from Cheapside instead of him “decamping as fast as he could from such disgraceful companions” he “entered into conversation” with Mr. Gardiner on fishing and even went as far as to supply him with fishing tackle an act of kindness that while described by his housekeeper Mrs. Reynolds was never seen by Elizabeth in the previous chapters.In this chapter Elizabeth sees Mr. Darcy in a clear new direction. We see this through a variety of mediums including his house and furniture, the compliments of his Mrs. Reynolds, and the way he cares for his sister. Pemberley House reflects Mr. Darcy’s tastes and also his personality. The decorations and designs as well as the material of the house shows simple taste, a love of natural beauty, and security both financially and by extension in term of personality. Mr. Darcy’s taste is reflected in the way Pemberley House landscape has “natural beauty”. Jane Austen states this in order for the reader to understand that contrary to the image portrayed in the first part of the book and also his relations Mr. Darcy likes “natural beauty” and his house is neither “formal nor falsely adorned”. Elizabeth is “delighted” at the sight of this which may show a change in feelings. This will be further discussed later. A further point would be his taste in furniture which is referred to as “neither gaudy nor uselessly fine” a comparison with Rosings given Elizabeth’s dislike of Rosings’...

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