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What Are The Dangers Of Paranormal Research?

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What are the dangers of paranormal research?

John, being bored, turned to his good friend Charlie and asked if he might be interested in a little ghost hunt. They both agreed to travel to the nearby cemetery later that night. John had been watching a ghost hunting television series for weeks and became interested in re-searching the paranormal. John had watched ghost hunting expeditions so many times on tele-vision he thought he knew enough to go out and do it himself. So later that night John and Charlie had gone into the cemetery with their voice recorders, digital cameras, video cameras equipped with night vision, and a Ouija board. Although they may have thought they were knowledgeable enough to hunt ghosts, they lacked the most critical information left out on any ghost hunting television show. John and Charlie were not aware of the dangers of paranormal research. The end result was a demonic entity attached itself to Charlie. From that night Charlie went into deep depression, and shut everyone out of his life. From our youngest years as children, our curiosity is drawn to the unknown. This curiosity can have unexpected grave consequences. There are dangers involved in conducting paranormal research.
One of the major dangers of what may seem to be a harmless process of ghost hunting is spirit attachment. Spirit attachment is where a spirit, who could be a benign human spirit or a demonic spirit, attach themselves to and follow a person. In this situation it is not always noti-ceable. When demonic spirits attach themselves to a person, that persons emotions can fluc-
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tuate. The demonic spirit can cause a person to be angry or sad. It can also cause a person to be depressed bringing a disregard for life and a depletion of goals. A human spirit can also cause emotional symptoms if they carry their own sadness or anger with them. Demonic spirits will tempt and lead a person to addictions such as drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, abusing drugs, or lusting after women. Having a spirit attached to you, especially one of demonic nature is a serious danger of ghost hunting that is not addressed by the popular ghost hunting shows on television.
The most feared thing of all who believe in the paranormal is demonic possession. Priests, ministers, and seasoned paranormal investigators such as Paranormal Research Society know that possessions are real. Possessions are situations where a demon enters a persons body and takes control over it. A demonic possession is quite noticeable compared to a demonic spirit who is...

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