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What Are Variables That Influence Your Classroom Community?

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What are Variables that Influence your Classroom Community?

This is a very complex and loaded question. An unlimited amount of variables will and do influence what goes on it your classroom, and not every single one of them has a fix or a solution to what causes the problem. Four variables that I will be looking at that influence a teacher’s classroom community are culture and poverty, the increasing difficulty of the standards, student and teacher relationships, and family dynamics.
One of the main variables that can and will influence your classroom community is culture and poverty. The economic status of your student’s and their families will effect how they act in your classroom. Students need a stable environment. Instability in student’s lives, and students who do not know what will happen next in their lives, will have a very difficult time in a classroom learning and focusing. Social Norms will be very different between each culture. This will also impact your classroom. In schools, there is a set of hidden rules, which not every student will know or be able to understand, whether because of a difference in culture, or a different family economic status. This variable can impact children in multiple ways. They may have a hard time focusing in class, have a lack of parent involvement in their lives, a large disconnect between the teacher and the student or the student with other students due to misunderstandings and differences may be present. These can also impact how students act and behave and their actions and their reactions to certain scenarios and situations.
This variable is difficult to find a solution for or really control as a teacher as much of it is completely out of the teacher’s control. One thing that could help is having a strong relationship with the students. If there is a strong relationship between the teacher and the students, the teacher will have a better time being able to figure out what is going on in the student’s live and if something is amiss, they will be able to understand and possibly help. Having a good relationship and knowing what is going on in a student’s life could also explain some of the behavior that a teacher may get. Another aspect that could help culture and poverty issues in a classroom is having a consistent class schedule and routine. This would be able to provide a stable environment, which is important for those students who lack a stable home life. You could also try to be more creative with the ways you are trying to help your students. You could have students discuss homework in small groups before turning it in or discussing so that students who were unable to finish the homework have a sense of what is being talked about. You should also always ask why a student does not have their homework and trust their reasoning unless you have a confirmed reason to not trust what they tell you. For students who do not have a stable home life, doing projects and assignments that require extra...

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