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What Are We Made Of? Essay

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What are we made of? I mean humans of course, but what are we made of. We know what our bodies are composed of but what is in our souls or spirits. Are humans really superior to other living things. Yes we can talk, but what are we made of? We are made of our feelings. Our standards, our way of life, our way of thinking and everyone is different. Some may be straight A students with a normal life while some have had a rough journey and less than perfect grades. But there are some things that I think most people have in them. It’s a positive spirit. Now, everyones is triggered by different stuff but we all have one. But, of course where there is a positive spirit there is a negative spirit which is much, much easier to catch. Even though The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet doesn’t scream positive messages about human spirit there are still some in it such as, love can make you do crazy things, in hard times people can unite, and that even when everyone is against you, you can still do what’s right.
In this play Romeo and Juliet definitely do crazy things for love which is very positive about the human spirit. When you’re in love your spirit is much happier in my opinion and so doing crazy things makes life fun and exciting and how is that not a positive message about the human spirit. It is saying we can be spontaneous and crazy which is a good way to live and a awesome thing to have in your spirit. Now, some think that because of love they kill themselves and that is not positive and while this is a true statement it is not the whole story. Love also made them get married and sneak around which are both exciting which is positive. Marriage is supposed to be this amazing thing that is the greatest gesture of love which is why they get married and they are so positive or happy together. Romeo says, “For nothing can be ill if she be well.” act 5 scene i, line 16. Which is almost him saying straight up that his spirit is happy or can not be sad if she is well or with him. So yes doing crazy things for love is positive message about the human spirit because even though the things you are doing may be crazy they are making you happy because it’s for the one you love.
Another positive message about human spirit shown in this play is that in hard times people can unite together. In the very beginning of this play you see the family fued between the Montagues and the Capulets. Through out the whole ply they fight and kill each other swearing to always be their enemy but, thats not how it turns out in the end. Now, you may be asking yourself how could this be? Well, after the whole ordeal of Romeo and Juliet they take their own lives and in this sad day they two families decide to end their feud for their children that could love each other. This is the perfect example...

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