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What Draws Me To Horror? Essay

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What draws us to Horror?The "Boggy Man" is one of my favorite horror movies. The movie presents horror as a genre for entertainment which I love to watch. On the contrary, I am afraid of the real horror that is inescapable. That is the horror which dwells and thrives in the society. Being aware of this makes my adrenaline pump. What draws me to horror is not far fetched because horror exists in my surroundings, my religion, and it's like a thief in the night. I have no idea when it will come and attack. This makes me scared. It makes my blood pump faster due to human nature of fear. Subsequently I am drawn to horror in three ways.The movies help create horror as a genre for wonderment. It fuels horror in an extremely supernatural way. I get astonished as well as fascinated by the suspense and thrills brought to life in these horror movies. Each scenario makes me yearn for the next possible scene that will make my adrenaline rise from the unexpected. And I am thrilled by the reaction of the audience in the cinemas. The way we quiver from our seats when the unfamiliar images appear. The expression on our faces due to the abstract and incongruous shapes we see in these movies leaves me puzzled. I become amazed because we still anticipate eagerly for the next horror to unfold. An example is the movie "The Boggy Man". I was captivated by the power of horrible power the demon possessed. He made my adrenaline pump faster and left me scared, yet I was curious to see the next drama of insanity that would unfold. These movies are prototypical to the real horror because the real horror is more than "The Boggy Man" in the closet hunting us. These horror movies make me aware of horror in the supernatural, and it anchors the unknown mysteries that are therein. They, portray a false sense of security, which makes us feel safe because we are aware that "The Boggy Man" is just another movie, filled with fiction. These fictional movies allow us to explore feelings that do not exist. Our intuition tells us these movies are mystique, but we still crave to watch them, perhaps for the fun of entertainment. Or maybe it's the need to fill in the blanks of our lives? Or the urge to learn what we are not thought in school. Because deep down in me I know that like any another movie, be it action or horror, good definitely prevails over evil.The world is the movie we truly need to watch, we are surrounded by numerous disasters such as famine, war, earthquakes, nuclear weapons, the September 11 attack, racism, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and natural disasters example tsunami. These are the vivid horrors that lurk around the society (Mayell Par 1) like a Black Mamba carefully calculating for an appropriate time to strike. I am filled with the horror which the environment accommodates. I am scared of waking up to an earthquake the following day. I am scared of dying of starvation. I am scared of a dementia attacking me due to my skin color. I am scared of the...

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