What Do You See As The Main Aspects Of Kingship Explored In Henry Iv Part 2? Explain Clearly How The Play Implies Comparisons Between King Henry Iv And The Future King, Hal.

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In King Henry IV Part 2, we see the growth and maturation of Prince Hal, from a playful troublemaker “engraffed to Falstaff”, into the great man who will bring order to England and rid the country of injustice and lawlessness. Kingship, along with its qualities and demands, is one of the central themes of the play; skilfully interwoven within the scenes, and developed as a thread that gains momentum during the course of the play, culminating in the final coronation scene. The delicacy of the writing ensures that the audience will draw comparisons not only between the King and Hal, but between Prince John and his brother, by starkly contrasting characters and actions and clearly displaying the qualities that mark out Prince Hal as the most worthy successor to the sick Henry IV.The first glimpse of Prince Henry sees him in discussion with Poins over his troubles. In this scene Henry is seen to been using Poins gain information on the general publics view of him, as Poins thinks “as every man thinks”. Henry shows signs of remorse over his life of indulgence and waste, a clear understanding of what Kingship entails and the first evidence of sympathy for what his father must be going through. Prince Harry is genuinely sad that his father is ill “my heart bleeds inwardly that my father is so sick.” Poins’ reply implies that Henry is not sincere: “A most princely hypocrite”. This allows the audience an insight into the Prince’s former character from his friend Poins; but one which the audience can see is changing, as he appears to be genuinely remorseful. Furthermore, when Henry says with resolve: “Let the end try the man”, this crucial sentence is reaffirmation of the view that the Prince plans a drastic change in his lifestyle; he is asking Poins, and the people of England to judge him at the end of it.The change and growth of Henry in this play is gradual, with the beginning of the transformation being seen here. The change from a boy to a man can be described as jerky, as Henry often takes two steps forward and one step back, as illustrated when he further disappoints his father by appearing to have “hunger for mine empty chair”. By the end of the scene and for the rest of the play, Hal is presented by Shakespeare as calm and in control “Give me my sword and coat”; he does not lose his temper, calculates the situation and then uses Poins and Bardolph to achieve his purpose. At the end of Act II scene 2 Hal commands “Follow me Ned”. This shows he is finally taking control, and is taking on the mantle of his destiny.The first appearance of King Henry IV is heralded with a soliloquy revealing his inner turmoil and unrest; he is unable to sleep “That thou no more wilt weigh my eyelids down and steep my senses in forgetfulness?” as he feels the burden of his position “uneasy lies the head that wears a crown” mentally dragging him down. The...

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