What Does God Mean To Me

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James Michaels Benson Lower SixthWhat does God mean to me?I never went to church as a child although I have always thought that there was something that has control over the earth, a higher power as such. Before I attended Wellington I didn't really give the idea much thought and didn't really have a view on the situation. However over the last few years I have attended chapel and learnt more about what god does and means to some people. In February of 2013 I visited Tiger Kloof School in SA. There they attended chapel most days and they are all strongly for the idea of God. When I was there I shared a room with a boy who prayed every night and morning. I spoke to him about why he believed in God and he told me everything in life happens for a reason, everything has a cause and this reason/cause is God. He sets the paths for our lives and we choose whether we follow it. From that day on I have wondered whether what he says was true. I have an agnostic view towards God. However the only thing that stops me from believing in God is why is there suffering then. Why does God make some people suffer? Surely if he has control then he would create equality in the world. I don't openly believe in god and am not 100% certain he is or isn't real but seeing how devoted some people in this world are to God makes me wonder whether he is real. What I often think is the people who are in poverty are often the ones who most strongly believe in god.Quite often Theists say that they have seen God. People who have a strong devotion believe that they can speak to him and that they can see him. Why would people care that much about something that isn't true? That is why I am more a Theist than an Atheist. I don't feel that I need to attend church because I think God is real, I believe he is real but do not necessarily feel the need to follow him.One thing that I also believe is religion is a cause for many attacks and dangerous, evil acts. For example 9/11 was acted out by a group of extremists who believed by becoming a martyr they were doing what there God thought was right. They believed that...

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