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What Does Said Mean By Orientalism? Discuss Any Aspect Of Said's Work Orientalism,That You Find Most Appealing, And Give Your Own Insights On The Issue.

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What does Said mean by Orientalism? Discuss any aspect of Said's work Orientalism,that you find most appealing, and give your own insights on the issue.Said, and the meaning of Orientalism from his point of view do not really make any sense. He had many different points of view of Orientalism and he could not find only one way to describe Orientalism, he had many different definitions. There are many facts about this topic, especially for the term Orientalism and Orient, but usually are seen to be based on assumptions and undefined thoughts that Said and Western people had. What I am trying to say is that Said definitely had a strong argument about this topic, but somehow, maybe because he had so many viewpoints about it, somewhere along the way lost its real meaning and made it more un-understandable and foggy for the others brain to get a reasonable thought about it. He said too much but never argued the actual real meaning of it. My understanding is that what Edward Said is trying to tell us between the lines while arguing on what Orientalism is and how it interferes with everyday life is on that that the Western people, the Europeans have always had an interesting thought, a generalized view on Eastern countries and cultures. It is true, talking rational even I think that people from Asia, Middle East and Africa share almost the same characteristic between them that usually are said to be crucial ones and fundamentally similar. We all know that this viewpoint for the Eastern countries is constructed with texts and histories that were given to us in the past. So what Said is trying to tell us, is that what we believe about the Eastern countries and cultures, and how we see them, were never really based on true facts, nobody ever doubted the thought we had on these countries and cultures that were far away from where we live. Here Orientalism meets the terms of imperialism and colonolialism, the reason I say this is that these kinds of thoughts are brought to us and in a way we are brainwashed to believe what the rulers of the West thought about these countries and cultures in the past with limited understanding about the way of life in the Middle East especially.He talks and writes about Orientalism in social, economical, educational, cultural and other aspects. He says that the specialists prefer not using the term Orientalism because it reminds them of colonialism times and that is not the right term to be used. "It is true that the term Orientalism is less preferred by specialists today, both because it is too vague and general and because it connotes the high-handed executive attitude of nineteenth-century and early- twentieth century European colonialism". (Said, p.1992) He says that Orientalism is a created body of theory and practice in which, for many generations, there has been a considerable material investment. He tries to explain the same that I have explained in so many ways with his...

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