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All my life I have been told to be who I want to be. What if I don't know who I want to be? All my life I've been told what to do. What if I don't know what to do now? All my life I've been told I'm somebody. What if I don't feel like somebody? What if? All their lives, most people have been told to be who they want to be and not many of them know who they really want to be. What if we all knew who we wanted to be by our freshman year in high school? I think our lives would be a lot easier, don't you? I think that if we all knew who we wanted to be, we would follow a direct path to that destination. I think there would be less crime, less homeless people, and everyone would be a lot happier. What if? All their lives, most people have been told what to do, but as we get older, we don't know how to figure out what to do on our own. So we sit, and we ponder, and we ask ourselves, "What do I do now?" How would our lives be different? My guess is we would all be more concealed; less open. We wouldn't have friends or family close enough for us to go to for answers. We would all be a bit lonely. What if? All their lives, most people have been told they're somebody, but what about those who aren't somebody? What if all the people who aren't somebody suddenly became somebody? How would everyone else be affected? How would the responsible, hard workers be affected? What would happen to them? Would they suddenly fall? Cheaney pg 2 Would they be less successful? What if everyone was born to be somebody? Who would benefit the most? Who then would be most successful? What if people weren't told that they were somebody? Do you think our world would be the same? I think everything we now know would fall to pieces. I believe that everyone would hate everyone and there would be so much violence that it would eventually be like one big civil war. What if? How do you think everyone would act if the whole world were just a little different? What if everyone taught their children a little differently, then our world would be upside down. What if no one taught love, respect, and kindness? What if no one knew what they were supposed to do and how they were supposed to do it? No one can say just how everyone would act if everyone was taught differently. What if no one ended slavery? No one really knows. What if everything in our world were different? Where would we all be? Would we be here? Would this essay be typed? Would there be a college? Would females be able to work and learn? Who really knows? No one, that's who. So the question still remains- what if? I've...

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