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What Is Clinical Depression? Essay

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What is depression? Depression is an illness that can take over a person’s life---it can take their happiness and their will to live. This illness can effect adults, teenagers, and even kids. “Depression is an equal opportunity disorder---- it can affect anyone of any group, any background, any race, any gender, and any age. It is the great leveler of all groups and can take the greatest and the smallest of us all and reduce us to the pain and nothingness that is depression (Nydegger 1)”. Depression is an emotion most people may feel they have experienced, but little do they know it’s just the basic emotions we feel. It is important to identify the symptoms of depression, the types of depression, who can get them and how they manifest, in other to be able to treatment them.

The experience of depression has a profound effect on the lives and health of millions of people around the world. We all experience mood swing, and most of us think that we have experienced true depression and think they understand clinical depression and even know what it feels like; to be honest those emotions we feel are not half as much as what a depressed person goes through.
Depression is more than experiencing a difficult day or event or being in a bad mood. Sometimes, people seek help even though they are not clinically depressed because they think they need the help they get from a psychologist. When speaking to a depressed individual, it is very important to know the occasion that lead to their emotional trauma. Depressed mood is not the same as a depressed disorder. According to Nydegger, “Depressed mood is a negative affective or emotional quality such as feeling sad, miserable, gloominess for a period of time. Depressive disorder refers to a list of potential symptoms that must be considered before making a diagnosis (Nydegger 36)”. Some people feel that emotions ranges from minor to severe, and as sensible this sound, not all people believe it. If a person suffers from depressed mood they are at a higher risk of developing depressive disorder later in their life.

Symptoms of depression vary from individuals. According to “the American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental, fourth edition, text revision (DSM –ICV –TR) has a set of symptoms that are used to diagnose depression (Nydegger 110)”. Two of the basic symptoms that are the core characteristics of depression are depressed disorder and lack of interest or enjoyment of thing that were enjoyable to the individual. People that are depressed have a problem with sleep, either a problem of finding sleep or remaining asleep or having to never have enough sleep.

Some other type of symptoms that are extreme are nutrition and activity level. When a person is depressed, some people find it difficult to eat and they lose weight. Others eat a lot and those foods are unhealthy and they do not exercise and they gain weight. In the terms of activities, people who are...

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