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What Is Plagiarism & Why Is It Bad

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Writing can be a very difficult thing for many people, including me. The first thing you do before you start to write is most likely to be collecting your ideas. Some things you do to gather your information is looking for relative articles, looking for the definition of words in the dictionary, searching main words of your topic on Google, or sometimes if people don’t own computers of their own they most often go to their local library. Most of the time after Google searching what we’re looking for we find it, and before we know it, we start to copy the information down. It starts off by just copying a couple words, then it escalates to a few sentences and then before you could even realize it you can sometimes copy the entire thing. A big part of human nature is people just taking things they like, or things they think will work for them. There is a big difference between actually taking it without permission and just wanting to; actually taking it without permission of the source is an action called plagiarism.
Plagiarism is the act of copying another’s work, thoughts, or ideas and turning it in as if it was yours, without mentioning the source of the work submitted. Plagiarism happens all the time. As a student, I have been brought up as plagiarism being a bad thing to do. In school you suffer many consequences when you preform the act of plagiarism.
Plagiarism happens when us students are scared to take the risk of possibly being wrong and doing our own work, sometimes we don't make time for all homework and plan poorly for the work that needs to be completed, and then we just jump to searching on Google and thinking there's no other choice. Most of the time we put things off until the last minute and don’t know what to do and freak out, or we think our teachers assign us with homework assignments so broad or seems to be too much work that we just go to using Google for the answers without even trying.
The only time you are accused of plagiarism is when you do not state where you are getting you're information from clearly and accurately. Some of the following examples are what usually cause students to plagiarize without meaning to; they may not know how to completely give the others work credit and cite the author, and students might also not know how to take the right notes while collecting all their facts on what they are researching.
Plagiarism is bad not only because it shows dishonesty it shows a lack of effort. When you commit the act of plagiarism you only hurt yourself because you don’t get anything positive out of it. You are only hurting yourself because you don’t practice what was assigned to you and you become lazy and just take others work. Not only that, but you wouldn’t know how to complete future assignments like the one you plagiarized. When you plagiarize you wont understand the material on what the assignment was given on as...

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