What Is The Culture Diversity? Essay

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What is the culture diversity? Before the class, I thought the culture diversity was the synonym of ethnicity and race. People have different color, tradition, language, custom and religion. However, after this class, I know the culture diversity is the difference not only in ethnicity and race but also in basic beliefs, values, lifestyle and even sexual practice in groups of people who can be different ethnic or the same ethnic. I am an immigrant, and my family also faces the problems of unemployment and stress in a new environment. I understand new immigrants well, but I did not understand some Canadian born homeless people who live on street by choice. I had a negative attitude to prostitutes, homelessness and substance addicts. I thought these HIV positive drug users and sexual traders got what they deserved for their own actions. Therefore, I did not have sympathy for them. Having this class, I know I may hold stereotypes and discrimination to these people. From the films " Falling Through the Cracks," " Through a Blue Lens" and from the assigned readings and lectures, I realize socioeconomic and political factors contribute to people's behaviors. For example, the health care system often fails to provide adequate treatment for homeless people with mental illness or substance abuse. First Nations lack of access to sensitive and culturally appropriate health and social support services. I try to understand them by imaging me in their situations and by comparing my situation with theirs.During a home visit to a Chinese postnatal baby, I learned nurses can use explanatory model framework to give professional viewpoint even when caring patients and families from own cultures since the same ethnic group may have different health beliefs and practices. The Mom voiced her concern of the possibility of the baby getting cold when the baby was unwrapped for a head to toe physical...

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