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1 Yao Yangnan's Essay on Film Studies
World Cinema as Samsara 世界电影若轮回
Yao Yangnan

2 Yao Yangnan's Essay on Film Studies
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3 Yao Yangnan's Essay on Film Studies
Samsara is a term used in Buddhist and Hindu theories to represent the cycle of birth,
life, death, rebirth or reincarnation. In modern parlance, samsara refers to a place, set
of objects and possessions, but originally, the word referred to a process of continuous
pursuit or flow of life. In accordance with the literal meaning - continuous flow, the
word should either refer to a continuous stream of consciousness, or the continuous
but random drift of passions, desires, emotions, and experiences. In the meantime,
films are like small fragments of our life. By that means, films can be surly counted as
an element of samsara. And films also constitute world cinema, therefore, world
cinema is somehow samsara.
However, this cannot completely answer the question: "What is World Cinema?". It
has unarguably many definitions, and each of them is quite solid and reasonable. For
the purpose of this essay though, I am going to pick up the understanding from Lucia
Nagib: "World cinema is simply the cinema of the world. It has no centre. It is not the
other, but it is us. It has no beginning and no end, but is a global process. World
cinema, as the world itself, is circulation."
This definition plays a vital role in this essay, since it has much to say about what I
am going to talk about. World cinema involves the circulation of not only film but
also parts of the world through the film.
All these above make my following statement understandable: World cinema is
actually an idea of unification. Like samsara, world cinema is connected to the
universe. People all over the world give it different forms of lives and diverse cultural
backgrounds provide it with various kinds of spirits. All these things make world
cinema a flowing existence, which is permanent and infinite.

4 Yao Yangnan's Essay on Film Studies
Main Body
· "One flower is one world." (一花一世界)
Buddha said: "One flower is one world." That means, everything existing,
however tiny or insignificant it might be, is a reflection of the whole universe.
Thus, world cinema, as the entirety of all genres of films on earth, can be
absolutely considered as the most lifelike, concrete and precise reflection of our
universe. Once a film has been created, even though it has not been finished, it is
attributed to the ensemble of world cinema automatically, and to some...

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