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What Role Did Iqbal Masih Play In Child Labour

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Iqbal Masih started his child labour journey at a very young age. At just four years old he was forced out of his home, away from his family, to work for a wealthy carpet maker, to whom his family owed a total of six hundred rupees, sixteen Canadian dollars. Iqbal and a large amount of children were forced to work more than twelve hours a day, six days a week. The over worked children were treated like rubbish. They were beaten regularly, verbally abused, and worst of all chained to their looms by the carpet factory owner. If that wasn’t enough the poor clueless children were cheated into working insane hours and were paid twenty cents a day, and that’s only if they make a certain amount of product. If that wasn’t awful enough, the children had to pay for their own food. Leaving the children to starve and pay off their debt sooner, or slave for more money so they can eat a meal of rice. After eight years of being over worked and beaten Iqbal ran away from his master, to the police, after learning child labour was illegal, Iqbal went back to his owner’s factory with police reinforcements. Iqbal was astounded when he saw his master bribing the police. Iqbal expressed to Francesco D'Adamo how he felt his stomach tighten and how fear took over his body because he knew he would be in trouble with his master. Iqbal was punished severally for his escape attempt but this only motivated him more. He escaped once more and this time he knew he had to make it count. Iqbal ran off to the BBLF, the Bonded Labour Liberation Fund, here they offered Iqbal a safe place to stay. Although Iqbal Masih passed away at a young age, he nevertheless left his mark on the world by travelling around the world to raise awareness for child labour, inspiring individuals, and rescuing over three thousand children forced into child labour.
Iqbal soon became a strong leader in the anti-slavery movement in Pakistan. He went to the Bonded Labour Liberation Fund school for child slaves. The eager young boy managed to complete a four year education in only two. As his knowledge for labour laws and child slavery expanded Iqbal expressed his experiences in working in a tight cramped factory with barely unlivable conditions to many people in Pakistan. He managed to sneak into certain factories that held child labours. Iqbal talked to these overworked children and explained their rights to them and how they could be free once again and go back to their families or lead a new life. The children were overjoyed and agreed to help Iqbal free them. Iqbal travelled all over Pakistan and managed to free thousands of children from child labour. The more children Iqbal freed, the more attention he got from the media. Soon, Iqbal`s movement took him around the world travelling to schools and delivering inspirational speeches, spreading awareness for child labour. Iqbal inspired a tremendous amount of children and large companies to take a stand against child labour. By spreading...

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