What Role Does Resurrection Play In Bringing Together The Plot Of The Story?

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Resurrection is a powerful theme found throughout A Tale of Two Cities. Many of the characters in the novel are involved with the knitted themes of love, salvation and good versus evil. The theme of resurrection involves certain characteristics of all of these themes and brings the story together.Dr. Manette is the first person in A Tale of Two Cities to experience resurrection. He is taken away from his wife and then imprisoned for eighteen years. Over time, his condition deteriorates until he eventually forgets his name and involuntary cobbles shoes when he's anxious to pass the time. In "Book the First", he is freed by the French government and then lives within the care of Monsieur Defarge. He is suddenly "recalled to life", as Mr. Lorry proclaimed. However, his rebirth has just begun and doesn't finish until he is reunited with his daughter, Lucie.In "Book the Second", the resurrection theme appears several times. At the start of the book, Charles Darnay is on trial for treason in England. His traveling back and forth between France and England apparently confirms that he is a spy. The crowds of people are positive he will receive the death penalty when found guilty. Fortunately, Darnay is saved by the lawyer-like attributes of Sydney Carton, who looks nearly identical to Darnay. He too is suddenly resurrected or "recalled to life".In both "Book the Second" and "Book the Third", the reader gets different perspectives of the resurrection theme. Jerry Cruncher is a body-snatcher, and thinks of his late night activities as an honest trade. This parodies the resurrection theme because it is simply a physical resurrection of corpses from the cemetery that seemingly means very little in the plot. Later, the significance of Jerry Cruncher's resurrection activities is revealed in "Book the Third".In the battle of good versus evil in A Tale of Two Cities, good tends to resurrect or be resurrected, while the forces of evil mimic or parody the resurrection theme. This is shown twice in the novel. Old Foulon, the evil French aristocrat, fakes his own death so that he will not be slaughtered by the revolution. He is found later, alive, and is murdered anyway. Roger Cly also follows this pattern of false death and resurrection. He too is evil, faking his death and being "reborn" as a spy again in a different country. In "Book the Third", the resurrection theme plays a role in the development of the plot. Miss Pross recognizes the spy Barsad as her lost brother, Solomon. In the eyes of Miss Pross, Solomon is resurrected and her brother is restored. Sydney Carton meets Barsad and shortly after, Jerry Cruncher reveals to them that Roger Cly id not dead. Cruncher knows this through his "honest trade" of body-snatching. This allows Barsad to be manipulated by Sydney Carton so that...

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