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What Career Paths Are Available In Pharmacy

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From About.Com Health Careers, I’m given a quick overview of all the different types of pharmacists. I will only focus on the areas that interest me instead of researching several different topics that do not hold my attention. The first area of pharmacy I will research is retail pharmacy. These pharmacists are placed in stores grocery stores and other stores like Walgreens and CVS. Next, I will find information about pharmacies in a clinical setting, which are located in hospitals. These pharmacists work with doctors to determine the best types of medicine for a patient. After this area, I will look at the information given for nuclear pharmacists. These pharmacists have early hours as a result of these medicines not being able to sit long before being used. The medication they work with is the medicine used with digital imaging like MRIs and CAT Scans. The last area I’m interested in and will research, is home infusion and chemotherapy. This type of pharmacists help mix the medicines used to treat cancer patients.

Krista. "Healthy Berg: A Day in the Life of a (Retail) Pharmacist." Healthy Berg: A Day in the Life of a (Retail) Pharmacist. N.p., 12 Oct. 2012. Web. 20 Feb. 2014. .

For accurate information about a retail pharmacy, I will us a blog from an actual retail pharmacist. In the morning of first arriving the pharmacist will begin to fill prescriptions. This pharmacist does not only mean putting pills into a container when she uses the word fill, she also means labeling and billing the insurance company. Once the pharmacists gets more help from technicians, the pharmacist canmoveon to checking the medications just incase it needs to be brought to either the doctors or patient’s attention if something is not right. Once the store opens, the pharmacist starts to help customers who gathered in line. Being in retail the pharmacists is in charge giving shots such as flu shots. Retail pharmacists must also check the prescriptions from doctors since some prescriptions can be written wrong at times, as well answer questions about which over the counter is better to use for the customers symptoms. This pharmacist is also in charge of administering cholesterol and liver test. Being this type of pharmacist goes best with someone who likes to stay busy and answering many questions from patients and customers.

"ACCP - About Clinical Pharmacists." ACCP - About Clinical Pharmacists. N.p., n.d. Web. 09 Feb. 2014. .

I will use ACCP to better inform me about clinical pharmacists. This resource will tell me what a clinical pharmacist is and what the duties of a clinical pharmacist are. Clinical pharmacists work closely with doctors and other health care professionals to help find the best medications for patients. Clinical pharmacists are in charge of assessing the patients’ health in order...

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