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What Representations The Best? Essay

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Representation 1 fails to provide a great deal of information such as: Stalin's show trials (Stalin used Kirov's murder to order massive purges to anybody who was suspected of disloyalty was murdered, sent to prison camps, or put on public show trials at which they pleaded guilty to unbelievable crimes they could never have done), The Gulags (prison camps), Kirov's murder was also missing (Kirov rose through the Communist Party to become head of the party organization in Leningrad. In 1 December 1934, Kirov was shot and killed by a gunman at his offices in the Smolny Institute. Some historians place the blame for his assassination at the hands of Stalin), and The Red Army (The army was established immediately after the 1917 October; in which the Bolsheviks raised during the Russian Civil War). This representation was created to educate A level students this gave a brief overview on what had happened and in my eyes seen as a guide therefore this representation is not pure history. The representation is subjective as it is not a very detailed, the statistics were not verified (for example on the representation it says20% of the population had been purged where as a clip I had watched said 36% of the population had been purged). Representation 1 was secondary evidence as it was written in 2002 and not at the time.Representation 2 gives a negative impact towards Stalin's Russia; it could have been created by an immigrant, people who are leaving his country (as he's a mass murderer), or people who spoke against him also known as the sabteur. This poster reflects the purges, Kirov was shot and dead in 1934 as people in the communist party wanted him to take over Stalin's place as general secretary which sparked the purges. Stalin then took out the left opposition: Zinoviev and Kamenev. Shortly after he took out the...

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