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What to Meditate

Gurbani orders that while repeating NAM one should meditate upon the Formless Lord. One should not meditate on only painting or photograph even if it is of one of the Guru's. Gurbani also forbids to meditate upon the form of a living person. In support of the above fundamental principle quotation, from Gurbani, if all the ten Gurus are given below :

"O mortal, meditate on NAM only. In this manner you shall go with honour to your

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"He, who has created the creation and who has fashioned the forms, the Guru-ward , contemplate that Infinite Lord, who has no end and limit."

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"Meditate and remain tranced in the Immaculate Lord who is Self-Dependant, being Formless does not eat anything and is Fearless."

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The devotee should not meditate on any thing else except the above mentioned entity because all others are perishable and only NAM is imperishable and ever eternal. In Sidh Gosht (Discussions with Sidhs) the Sidhs put a direct questions to Shri Guru Nanak Dev:

"Whom should one deem pervading here and there? On what one should meditate so that mind may merge in mind itself?

In answer to this question Shri Guru Nanak Dev Says:

"One should deem the one Lord pervading here and there (with in and without). O' Nanak by obeying True Guru's will the fire (of desire) is quenched."

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When the fire of desire is quenched the mind merges in to the ever eternal Go. In Jap-jee Sahib Shri Guru Nanak Dev says that those who have experienced the stages mentioned in the four stanzas of 'heaving NAM' and four stanzas of 'obeying NAM' they become the chosen and about them Guru Nanak Says "the chosen centre their attention on one God alone."

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There are only a few couplets of Shri Guru Angad Dev in Gurbani. He says:

"They, who meditate on NAM, they depart (from this world) after putting in toil.
O' Nanak their faces are brightly lit (in the court of Lord) and many get emancipation along with them i.e. by living in their company and meditating on NAM."

NAM means that All powerful world-created. All pervading, Fearless, Revenge less, Immortal entity who is unborn and Self-Illuminating. Shri Guru Arjan Dev defines NAM as under;

"NAM created and sustains all the creatures
NAM created and supports the regions of the earth and systems…
NAM created and supports all the worlds and spheres"

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Shri Guru Amar Das Says:

" O' Silly soul, meditate on one Lord alone and you shall cross (the world-ocean) in an instant."

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The above quotation clearly implies that only meditation on one Lord would help in crossing World Ocean. Meditation on anything else would not help in crossing world-ocean and would keep the soul bound to creation. Shri Guru Amar Das further says:-

" Meditate on NAM of the Destroyer of sins only the destroyer of sins."

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"One should meditate on NAM and deep...

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