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What Training Needs Are, How Training Needs Can Be Identified And How Performance Appraisal Can Assist In This Process. The Linkages Between Learning And Training.

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Higher National CertificateBusiness & FinanceModule: Human Resources ManagementAssignment 1April 20075519 WordsContents1.0 IntroductionThe Beginning1950 - 10974The 1980's and 1990's2.0 What training needs are and how they can be identified2.1 TNA - Training Needs Analyses3.0 Performance Appraisal assisting in Training Needs3.1 What is Appraisal?3.2 Types of Appraisal3.3 The Form4.0 The link between Training and Learning5.0 Different Types of Training5.1 Internal and External Training5.2 Benefits achieved from Training5.3 Benefits to an Organisation5.4 Employee Benefits5.5 Disadvantages of External Training5.6 Disadvantages of In house training6.0 Conclusion7.0 Appendix 18.0 Bibliography1.0 Introduction to Human Resources Management1.1 The very beginning of Human Resources management can be traced back as far as the Industrial Revolution in England in the early 18th century. The first part of this report will concentrate on the economic and political conditions prevailing after the Second World War of 1939 - 1945. This war created an increase in the demand for labour and personnel specialists, and in 1946 the Institute of Personnel Management (IPM) was established. (1)1.2 1950 to 1974 was the golden age of Keynesian economic doctrine. After 1951the conservative government was anxious to foster industrial peace through conciliation, mediation and arbitration (Crouch 1982). In the 1960's British industrial relations was the key focus of intense political controversy due to the intolerable level of strikes. Employment laws were also passed to encourage growth in the personnel function. The Donovan Commission (1965- 1968) investigated these developments and recommended along with other things that management should develop joint union management in order to settle grievances quickly. New laws were passed in the 1970's to promote sexual equality and standards in employment. This together with the findings from the Donovan Commission amplified the status and importance of the personnel function. Along side these public developments, came the rise in productivity bargaining, and the improvement of profitability (Clegg 1979). A decade later Browns (1981) study showed that 46% of the manufacturing companies sampled had personnel officers with some of them responsible for dealing with Trade Unions. Between 1956 and 1989, IPM membership rose from 3979 to 35548 (Farnham 1990). (1)1.3 The 1980's and 1990's was a period of change in both the content and context of People Management. Personnel Management based its legitimacy and influence on its ability to deal with uncertainties stemming from full employment and trade union growth. Whereas, HRM concentrated more attention on internal sources of competitive advantage. The debate on HRM polices focused on Hard and Soft versions of HRM. The Hard version highlighted the word "Resource" and viewed employees as any other economic factor as a cost that had to be controlled. The soft focused on the word "Human" and...

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