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What Were The Causes For The French Revolution? (Suggestion For Improvement: Add The Calling Of The Estates General And The Subsequent Split Which Led To The National Assembley)

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What were the causes which led to the French Revolution?During the 17th and 18th centuries, France was ruled by an absolute monarchy. Still, a series of events quickly put an end to this system as the French Revolution took place in 1789, provoked by a series of causes such as the collision of powers between the bourgeoisie and the aristocracy, the revolutionary ideas from the American Revolution and the Enlightenment, and by the financial debt of the government and the long-standing political differences in it.The Age of Enlightenment during the 18th century brought new ideas into Europe, as the ideas and writings of philosophes such as Montesquieu, Voltaire and Rousseau spread over France. Many ideas from this era appealed to the bourgeoisie, as they started thinking that a liberal society could flourish with free commerce. Also, ideas from other thinkers such as John Locke inspired people, especially those from middle and lower classes, who saw how their condition would be favoured with human rights.Revolutionary ideas from the American Revolution also influenced a great part of the French population as France itself helped the American revolutionaries with troops and supplies to be able to fight "against tyranny". French people soon saw themselves identified with revolutionaries in America, and they joined in the beliefs of the superiority of a republic over a monarchy, liberal freedoms of all men, as well as the belief of "no taxation without representation". All these ideas, both of the Enlightenment and the American Revolution, appealed to a vast majority of the population who started questioning an absolute monarch's right to rule.Still, the most influential factors which led to the French Revolution were France's social and political inequalities and its financial difficulties. By 1789. France was an...

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438 words - 2 pages CAUSES OF THE FRENCH REVOLUTION There were many causes of the French Revolution to start. They got ideas from people and other events that happened outside of France. The thing that caused the French Revolution the most was the unfairness to the middle-class and working class people. One major cause for the French Revolution was the unfairness in the social classes. This French parliament was called the estates-general; each had

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993 words - 4 pages ). There were many political matters that were the root causes of the French Revolution. The two main political issues were inequality and France’s monarchy. After 175 years of monarchs not calling the Estates-General, Louis XVI does in early 1789 at Versailles. This was a result of his weakness under pressure for reform and his indecisive personality, which will cause a lot of the political problems leading up to the French Revolution. The

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526 words - 2 pages should be taken by head. This and other requests were not taken into consideration by the king and the first two Estates. No matter how wealthy a person is the best jobs were reserved for nobility, which was unfair to the Third Estate. The middle class...was sensitive to their inferior legal position. The revolution came from them-the middle class.Enlightenment ideas had people questioning the inequalities of the three Estates. People wanted to

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2787 words - 11 pages important because the time period was not comprised of individual revolts, but rather a closely-knit string of events. By studying what happened before a moment, that newfound knowledge can shed light as to subsequent events. A few key events that exemplify this process of reasoning are the Summoning of the Estates-General, the Tennis Court Oath, and the Storming of the Bastille. After Louis XVI and his Assembly of Notables were unable to find a solution

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1010 words - 4 pages (Document 3). When King Louis XVI failed to take action after receiving the list, the third estate called itself the National Assembly and tried to work for the welfare of France. They made a pledge called the Tennis Court Oath and started challenging the absolute monarchy in France; the French Revolution would soon follow. Also, during that time there was a huge economic depression. Manufacturing and trade were at their all-time low leaving many

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1210 words - 5 pages in the more appealing aspects of French society, such as high military ranks (jspivey-Rights of the Third Estates)." To sum up, the Old Regime and the Enlightenment were a very big impact in the intellectual and thoughtful parts of the French Revolution, which both led to great philosophical ideas, and the destruction of the Old Regime in France.In conclusion, although many historians believe in some other causes that influenced the French

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1119 words - 5 pages Historians have long debated the causes of the French Revolution. Perhaps this is because it was a result of a multitude of factors as opposed to just a single one. A combination of several social, political and economic causes led to upheaval of the Ancien Régime, the system of law and government in France prior to the French Revolution in 1789. During the eighteenth century, French society was divided into three classes

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1866 words - 7 pages Causes of the French Revolution There is no doubt that the French Revolution has had a profound effect on the world. The cause or causes of it have been greatly disputed. Clearly the Revolution's primary cause was the presence of a weak monarchy and a lack of a stable system of government. France's absolute monarchy had many changes toward the end of the eighteenth century. Louis XIV, in his attempts to centralize his authority and

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1927 words - 8 pages was perhaps the most deeply-rooted. The Ancien Régime was the old system of government, the old order of things, before the Revolution, and it divided French society up into three ``estates'': the nobles, the clergy, and the common people (ie. everyone else, which included both peasants and the middle classes). The first and second estates were privileged in that they paid no tax at all, and for this reason, the monarch did not have a problem with

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906 words - 4 pages What were the causes of the 1789 French Revolution?The 1794 French Revolution was caused by a number of factors and events. The first of these was the heavy taxation of the common people as well as the financial irresponsibility of the monarchy concerning these funds. Secondly, the unpopularity of the upper classes and Marie Antoinette had a huge impact on the general feeling of discontent among the lower classes. Finally, the short term issues

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1255 words - 5 pages , due to the devastation experienced by the French citizens. Several ideological factors can also be credited for having an impact on the cause of the French Revolution. The philosophes advocated several ideas against the social and political institutions of the time. Ideas like those of Rousseau, which were

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