Why Are Brown Trout Being Introduced Into The Hudson River When The Native Trout, Brook Trout Is Already Present?

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Abstract:The purpose of our paper is to investigate why brown trout are being introduced into the Hudson River when the native species, brown trout is present. Out study began when we went to the Cold Spring's hatchery where we stripped Brown trout eggs. We brought the eggs to our tank in our classroom where we planned to raise them. We monitored the tank daily and removed dead eggs to prevent disease. Once four weeks passed the eggs quickly began to hatch what remained of their egg shell behind in the incubators. This caused the spread of fungus which took most of our attention to clean. When the trout became larger and we were able to swim we released them into the tank where they could adapt to the conditions of a larger environment. We will present some of the challenges we encountered in this paper. We conducted chemical testing for ammonia and pH on the water before and after water changes to ensure a controlled environment that was optimal for survival; Environmental conditions and mortality were recorded daily.A similar project was conducted last year with brown trout. The information gathered by the previous team helped us better understand the activities of our brook Trout and draw conclusions of our own. Not only did we look to last year's team's results for comparison, but we also researched background information on the two species in their natural habitat so that a comparison could be made comparing the two species. Our goal is to understand why brown trout have been introduced into the Hudson River.Background:The Cold Spring's hatchery is responsible for the many trout that have survived into adulthood. It is here that trout are studied and raised to preserve trout in the Hudson River. When at the hatchery, the eggs are able to develop without facing the danger of being eaten by predators before hatching. Animals such as water scorpions and larger fish, even parent trout, will eat the young fish. Brook trout especially are being harvested because there is a shortage of them. Even disease can kill the trout, young and old, and if not treated can lead to a large number of deaths. Fish at the hatchery are able to be treated for diseases and are given all necessities for their living conditions. They are able to live out a healthy life cycle without the stress that a natural environment would cause.Although the intension of the hatchery are beneficial, there are negative effects. The fish at the hatchery are not raised in the wild and therefore do not experience the dangers the average wild brook trout do. For this reason, fish at the hatchery are not prepared for the harsh environment that awaits them. Brook trout in particular need special living conditions such as clear, cold oxygenated water to live. This of course is ideal and does not reflect the natural living conditions these fish will face in the wild. When released it is possible that many of these fish might be as aggressive as needed for survival and might find it difficult...

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