Why Are Youths Turning To Violence?

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On September 8th 2010 a 16 year old year, Lorraine Thorpe from Ipswich was sentenced to 14 years in prison after murdering two people on separate occasions, at the time she was only 15 years old. One of the victims was a 41 year woman who was beaten to death by the teen girl, the other her father whom she smothered. Another case of young killers includes that of the James Bulger murder in 1993, this notorious case showed how two 11 year old boys from Liverpool could abduct, torture and then kill a 2 year old toddler. These two cases although 17 years apart show a link in how youth violence is a major and on-going problem in our society. In this essay I will look at the factors influencing youth violence and such life destroying crimes could be prevented.
Violence is a term defined as behaviour involving physical force intended to hurt, damage or kill someone of something. Youth violence is something we are all familiar with, very often we hear about the latest teen to be arrested for stabbing a school mate often over a silly dispute, which they chose to solve with a weapon. But why are youngsters turning to violence to solve their issues? I believe some of the reasons include; the media, as generations younger and younger are growing up with media as a large part of their daily life, with video games especially having a control over young generations. Secondly the education system also have a big influence in a child’s behaviour in later life, the purpose of the system to teach skills and qualities to help a person with their life and career down the line, so with this responsibility education systems should take strict punishments on acts of violence, ensuring that a child knows the consequences of their actions. Another factor that could influence violent behaviour includes poor parenting; many accused killers are known to come from a broken home, where a parent isn’t always fully committed to the child and taking care of them, often a tough childhood is referred to as a reason for their behaviour. The final factor could include that of the penal system once a youth has committed a violent offence it is there job to ensure they use the correct punishment to try and ensure it does not happen again, weather this may be teaching them morals, scaring them into not reoffending, by showing them how rough it can be in prison or giving them help to control themselves with anger management, they are insured to deal with the problem and try to fix it.
Video games are commonly known for being addictive and unhealthy for a child’s mind if played on constantly but research is showing us it is having deeper affects by encouraging violence and teaching hidden lessons about how to achieve in life. Studies by a ‘PhyschCentral’ website show that 85% of video games contain some form of violence, and an estimated half of that being serious violence. It is also suggested that video games have control in decreasing a gamer’s self-restraint, which means when faced...

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