Why Is War Needed? Essay

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Bourne SupremacyThis movie picks up two years later, when Jason Bourne thought that he had escaped his former life but his nightmares told him otherwise. His memory had still not completely returned but his subconscious revealed more about his past every time he slept. Making a life with Marie was all he ever wanted but that was about to change when an assassin tracks them down in India. He swore if the CIA ever came after him, he would take the fight to them and he does just that in the movie, heading straight to the source, CIA taskforce leader Pamela Lanby, the woman in change of bringing him in.The Bourne Identity set a new standard in the spy thriller but this movie, about Jason Bourne's next adventure had achieved the same high standards.Matt Damon returns as the troubled CIA assassin struggling with memory loss and the realisation of what he has done. The second novel in author Robert Ludlum's Bourne Trilogy, The Bourne Supremacy takes up the story two years after the events of the first. Here we find Jason still suffering with amnesia but his subconscious is revealing memories while he sleeps, memories that he would rather not have. This is what makes the character so intriguing. We all know as much about his past as he does and I, the viewer follow him on his journey as he finds out what he has done as more revelations are revealed.Matt Damon is what makes these movies so 'watchable'. He has crafted a character that is both vulnerable and deadly, as his emotions and mental torment are subdued by the black-ops training he received as part of the CIA's Treadstone project. This is a character of very few words but Damon can convey much more in just a look or a glance. This is what draws me into the character's emotional sense of being because I feel what he is going through as the revelations about his past come back to haunt him. This is truly an action hero for the new millennium, one that is real, feels pain and not an indestructible superhero.Supporting Damon's excellent portrayal is a fantastic supporting cast. Joan...

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2415 words - 10 pages this battle was needed. The Confederates lost, and it made them lose European support. I think this bloody day made both sides really think about the consequences of war. I am for the Union's cause because I think slavery is wrong, and I think that the South rushed us into this war, more than the Union did. It is just my opinion though. On this bloody day, Colonel Norman Hall ran across a mortally injured Mississippian out of the 7th Michigan

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713 words - 3 pages controversial war in the US in which many young people had to fight. In his novel Slaughterhouse Five, Vonnegut effectively states and shows his anti-war stance in order to demonstrate what a truly horrific thing war is.The first chapter, which is actually written from Vonnegut's perspective, holds many clues to the novel's intent. Mary O'Hare gets upset because she thinks that Vonnegut will write a war novel in which he is going to glorify himself and the

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