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Exaggeration Over The Selfish Nature Of The Millennial Generation

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The dates can be disputed, however, generally, the range to be called a millennial goes from being born in 1980 and 2000. Being a millennial is sort of a state of mind, where the children of the baby boomers are seen as narcissists, selfish, lazy and obsessed with technology. This judgment can also be argued. Indeed, Joel Stein and Tom Hawking both a completely opposed opinion over this generation also named the generation 'Me Me Me'. Joel Stein wrote an article in the Time Magazine on how he thought the generation born between 1982 and 1999 were absolutely unbearable as this generation is for him to conceited and lazy. Tom Hawking then wrote a response to Stein's article. In his article, Hawking defends this millennial generation.
First of all, Joel Stein in his article in the Time Magazine can be seen as wanting too much to please or to prove his point. He directly starts his article within the two first paragraphs saying that he has facts for what he is about to claim. That his article is not just going to be a rant because he has scientific proof that he is right. The generation of children born between 1982 and 1999 is lazy and conceited, the worst it has ever been. It is as if the world, or the future is doomed. Joel Stein goes on and on throughout his whole article saying that the millennials are good for nothing except they know a lot about this social media, and things related to technology. This generation is cocky and entitled, yet they still are nice. According to Stein, this generation is lost in the sense it does not really know it's place in the world. Well, it does know it's place a little too much, but the boundaries are erased. Indeed, “ Though they're cocky about their place in the world, millennials are also stunted, having prolonged a life stage between teenager and adult that this magazine once called twixters and will now use once again in an attempt to get that term to catch on.” In other words, The children may be “cocky” and think they are smart enough than those stupid teenagers and fresher than those old- news folks.
However, they have no idea how to behave. Their social skills only resolves to screens whether it is from texting or twittering and so on and so forth.
On the other hand, Tom Hawking completely disagrees with Joel Stein and is not afraid to use big words in order to prove his point such as swear words. They do stand out as humorous and therefore, make the article light. However, in my opinion, Hawking only rants on Stein who is himself ranting on the millennials. He does not specifically expose his opinion but more so analyzes every bit of Stein's Time article and puts him down every time. Indeed, he takes a piece of Stein's article and proves that Stein might not be as right as he though he was: “ he maintains that “the first half of this article is true (I had data!)” No, Joel, you didn’t. You had a bunch of sensationalist, self-serving rhetoric that seeks to put an entire generation into a neat little...

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