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Exam 1 Essay

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Part 1: True / False. Please indicate whether the following statements are True or False by bolding and underlining the correct answer. Each correct answer is worth 5 points.EXAMPLE: You should bold and underline your responses in the True/False and Multiple Choice questions in this exam.TRUE FALSELet's begin…Products are the only output considered in customer service.TRUE FALSEIn the past when many people worked on farms, small artisans and business owners provided customer service to their neighbors. TRUE FALSEAccording to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the long-term shift from goods producing to service-producing employment is expected to decline.TRUE FALSEA business that uses knowledge as a basis for competitive advantage is known as a learning organization.TRUE FALSEThe concept of identifying customer needs, understanding and influencing customer behavior through on-going communication strategies in an effort to acquire, retain and satisfy the customer is known as customer relationship management.TRUE FALSETypical elements of a service culture are management, supervisors/leaders, front-line providers and customers.TRUE FALSEIt is cheaper to get new customers than to keep the old ones.TRUE FALSEThe two types of delivery systems are direct and indirect contact.TRUE FALSEYou can get a good idea of the existing type of services environment by asking if employees are provided guidelines and empowered to do whatever is necessary to satisfy the customer.TRUE FALSEA service culture starts at the bottom of the organization and filters up to top management.TRUE FALSESmall talk is yet another way to impose on the customer's goodwill and should always be avoided.TRUE FALSEActive listening helps the listener (receiver) get the original message so feedback is appropriate.TRUE FALSEWhen providing verbal feedback, being conscious of a customer's body language is irrelevant to the conversation.TRUE FALSETry to avoid negative-sounding word messages as a primary means of addressing your customers.TRUE FALSEBefore providing feedback, take into consideration the knowledge and skill level of your customers, this being part of encoding.TRUE FALSEService and treatment of employees are two cornerstones of any successful company.TRUE FALSEAlthough changes in voice tone add vocal variety to messages, they do not affect interpretation of meaning.TRUE FALSEThe rate of speech averages for Western cultures is 125 to 150 words per minute (wpm).TRUE FALSEPerception checking is one way to clarify a nonverbal cue that was received by stating what behavior was observed.TRUE FALSEVerbal noises are sounds, words or utterances that break silence, but add little to the conversation.TRUE FALSEListening and hearing are the same process.TRUE FALSEThe last step in the listening process is assigning meaning.TRUE FALSEIndividual characteristics or qualities you have may get in the way of listening effectively to a customer.TRUE FALSEOpen-end questions establish a number of...

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447 words - 2 pages Exam Prep The “New Facts in Finance” paper will not be on THIS exam. The “On the Timing and Efficiency of Creative Destruction” may be on this exam. Read the Intro and Conclusion. NOT THE MAIN BODY OF THE PAPER. Yes, I have been serious about reading the chapters. If you wait until next weekend to do this, you will (a) have a bad weekend, (b) likely do poorly on the exam, and most importantly (c) miss the opportunity to learn many useful

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