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Exam Essay

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Now a day employers look for many skills in workers. There are many reasons why worker are not get a job or they are getting fired, but there is one reason why that is happening. That reason is that many employers need people with good skills, qualities and attributes. There are many workers out there, who don’t have the skills that are need in the current workforce. Well that is going to change and there the career and work counsellor come in. “For years, employers have been aware of employee engagement and maintenance issues in their workplaces. As the millennial generation (also commonly known as Gen-Y and includes births from 1982 – 2000) grows in the workforce and baby boomers retire, managers and human resources professionals will need to develop new engagement models take into account the generational differences between baby boomers and millennial (Gilbert, 2011 ).”According to the article “THE MILLENNIALS: A NEW GENERATION OF EMPLOYEES, A NEW SET OF ENGAGEMENT POLICIES” there was a research done that show that baby boomers are the largest generation of workers, who are organizational memory, confidence and there are willing to longer hours. (Gilbert, 2011) what does this mean in the current workplace is that many baby boomer are retiring early or there are quit their job because there don’t have the skills that are required in the current workplace. In this essay I will be analysing the skills, qualities and attributes workers need in today workplace. Also how does this affect the career and work counsellors.
The important skills needs in today workplace are: communication skills, flexibility, able to adapt to new technology, positive attitude, thinking skills, and teamwork skills. A communication skill is very important in the today workplace, because many jobs require that every employer is able to talking to client and helping them. The only way to do that is to communication with them. There are many way to communicate like by the basic skills: reading, writing performs calculation and listening and speaking is the basic skills that workers should have to communication with people are them. Example is the counsellor job is to start to talk with the client to help the client feel safe and positive about the session. Also providing the clients with the basis communication skills, that shows that they are able to have these skills and are helping them get a job with their new skill.
The other skills is “Flexibility is about an employee and an employer making changes to when, where and how a person will work to better meet individual and business needs. Flexibility enables both individual and business needs to be met through making changes to the time (when), location (where) and manner (how) in which an employee works. Flexibility should be mutually beneficial to both the employer and employee and result in superior outcomes. (” Flexibility is very important in today’s workplace because employers...

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