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Exam Anxiety And Stress Essay

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What is exam anxiety?

Most students feel nervous when they saw their exam dates on the school/college notice board. But those students who experience extreme panic regarding upcoming exams are considered as exam anxiety cases. Most times students find themselves worried for exam for the excess fear of being evaluated in exams. Also nervousness about the penalty or embarrassment from family and friends makes it wicked. Exam anxiety and stress is experienced by many normal students in their school and college days.
Starting from the pre-exam to results declaration days the students cope with anxiety and stress due to exam. Anyone can find-out a student who is experiencing exam anxiety and stress from his/her behavior. It’s quite normal and controllable by the following helpful tips and tricks.
Prime sources of exam anxiety and stress:

Inadequate rest in the exam time highs the exam anxiety and stress level more. Also the students don’t take care of their health like poor nutrition strengthens the sickness. It directly influences the exam anxiety and stress growth. Insufficient physical exercise and using of excessive stimulants hampers the brain functions. Also maintaining a rundown attitude and giving less priorities to the commitments or own study plan makes the route worsen.
Lack of information:

The absence of proper study plan and effective time management leads to an intensified level of exam anxiety and stress. Actually the wrong exam appearing strategies makes the students worried. Sometimes the information or updates about the exam schedule and centre location creates exam anxiety and stress among students.
Study and revision planning:

Full night study planning most times creates more problems than neglecting studying. Revision of notes before exam helps the students in recalling the information from their memory blocks. But the students with no note or any easy to understand study material except of the supplied textbook faces several problems. Ineffective and conflicting course coverage also leads to exam anxiety and stress.
Psychological issues:

Negative thinking and...

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