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Examination Of Playstation 2's Recent Print Advertising Campaign.

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This advertisement initially caught my eye because of its deliberate coupon like appearance. The first thing I noticed was its rectangular voucher-like shape and the scissor score marks around the outside of the coupon. This was a very clever technique to gain the readers attention because we as consumers are always looking to get something for nothing and are therefore immediately drawn to it. On average there are 22 billion vouchers and coupons distributed to consumers across Australia each year making it the most common and effective sales promotion tool.CharacteristicsAt a glance you will notice how simple the advertisement appears. There are no images or graphics and the only colours used are black, white and pink. On closer inspection though you immediately notice the bold command headline which reads "He gets: A Playstation 2 for Christmas." "You get: Foreplay before sex." Now anytime you find a way to fit the words foreplay and sex into the same sentence you know people are going to notice it and take a closer look. Below these two bold headings are two subheadings which require the signature of both the foreplay loving girlfriend and the videogame obsessed boyfriend. These headings and subheadings play on the age old joke that men don't like foreplay before sex.Sony are trying to use humour to show their female audience that this is the way to find a compromise where everyone is left feeling satisfied and having fun. With the introduction of sex to Playstation's advertising campaign their traditional slogan "Fun, anyone?" takes on a whole new meaning and can now be applied to both the giving and receiving of a Playstation 2. By doing this Sony are hoping that female readers think that this is a fun, crazy, and overall a very appealing concept. But hang on a moment! A Playstation costs in excess of $300.00, and let's be serious ladies! foreplay isn't worth $300.00 bucks. With this in mind Sony add in some straight-selling body copy in order to seal the deal. The copy addresses the features of the Playstation 2 which may appeal more to the female purchaser than the idea of it simply being able to run videogames to please their incompetent boyfriends. This includes features such as its DVD and CD functions as well as its potential broadband internet capacity. The advertisement ends in the words "This Christmas, give and you shall receive." This is a way to again refer to the sexual connotations that are being produced by this advertisement.SemioticsBecause this advertisement is so simple and so bland it is difficult to identify the semiotic elements. The only sign which I can recognise is the scored, dashed line which borders the white section of the advert. This signifies to the reader that they should cut along the dotted line and retain the voucher.Target AudienceBecause this advertisement's main theme centres around...

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