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Examination of twenty lines of VolponeIn lines 78 to 8 on page 28, Jonson's unique style of writing is present. Secondly, there is the characters themselves to analyse. As always, the whole of the story line is present within these lines.The first thing that I have to comment upon is line 78. Here, we see Volpone lying down ("keep you still sir"). This is a demonstration of how he makes his money. The position that he is assuming can be compared to that of a prostitute when making her money. Indeed, I put it to you that Volpone is nothing more then a prostitute. He is in fact compared to a "common courtesan" in the play. The only difference between the two is the fundamental actions that they do to accumulate their wealth. Lying down to create his wealth also shows us that he is so lazy that doing anything for his money is something that is just not conceivable to him. He states this earlier on in the play ("I wound no earth with ploughshares; fat no beasts to feed the shambles"). His opinion on working an honest days work is that it is bad and that what he is doing is right. This demonstrates that he has no conception of what is right and wrong.Another analogy of this is that he is so corrupt and disabled by his greed that he is in fact an invalid whom can not do any more then he is already doing.The arrival of Corbachio prompts Volpone to say "the vultures gone and the old raven's come". This line in it's self exemplifies Jonson's writing of ncredible depth, as well as Volpone's ability to say bold things.Volpone and Mosca's ability to create such meaningful and vivid images in the story is partly why the audience feels so captivated by the play. The imagery that it creates is to put Volpone in the position of the living carrion (This is a comment upon what happens later on in the play "…my left leg' gan to have the cramp"). This carrion is what the scavengers are attracted to and once they realise that there pray is indeed still alive, they leave at once.Giving the characters alternative names of animals in this play is a significant device that Jonson uses in that it shows us the very roots of their characters. Volpone's animal is the fox. This tells us a lot about his character even if we have not read the play. He is cunning and a predatory scavenger, much like a fox. This can be followed through the other characters as well (Mosca, the raven, vulture, crow and peregrine). Mosca's presence in this scene is also significant. His standing and circling Volpone is revealing of his character. It shows to us that he himself is also a scavenger. Not only that but the lowest of scavengers as he is scavenging off of a scavenger.The next line of significance is "stand there and multiply". This is of course a corruption of...

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