Examination Two: Development Of The Early Republic

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From 1790 to 1812 in America were tough times; Indians were constantly attacking the colonists, the population was steadily growing, making government control more and more difficult, among many other problems. These problems, though, are what shaped America to what we know it as today, as every problem created a solution that would continue to help America, some even to this day.
One major problem during this time was the huge growth in population. Between 1800 and 1825, the population in the United States doubled (Warren). Because of this, there was a greater demand for supplies and essentials, such as fabrics and food. In the beginning, most people grew all their own food, cotton, and ...view middle of the document...

” Americans wanted the land to be safe to farm, and as the United States expanded westward, more and more Indians were encountered.
During this time, Thomas Jefferson was president, and he simply stated that the best way to fix this situation was to leave the Indians’ land alone, along with trying to trade with them. Jefferson states, “Two measures are deemed expedient. First to encourage him to abandon hunting… Secondly, to multiply trading houses among them…leading them to agriculture, to manufactures, and civilization…”
Jefferson is stating that the best way to prevent Indian attacks is to leave them be and try to domesticate them by building them permanent houses and teaching them agriculture. Basically he is implying that they are simply wild animals, and once they have been domesticated and know whom their master is, they will hopefully not bite the hand that feeds them.
Lastly, one major issue that ended up causing a row in the United States was slavery. Johnson writes, As Johnson states, “Religion would have swept away slavery in America without difficulty early in the 19th century but for one thing: cotton.” Because of the agricultural boom farmers needed more and more help in their ever-increasing fields, and the best way to increase profit is with...

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