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Examine four of the six fundamental principles of Situation Ethics
Situation Ethics is a theory made in the 1960s by Joseph Fletcher who was an American professor. This was to be the mid-way point for legalistic ethics and antinomianism ethics. The basis of Situation Ethics is the six fundamental principles and the four presumptions; these are used to highlight what is possible to do within the context but not to strictly say what the action should be. The four out of the six fundamental principles that will be covered include: love only is always good, love is the only norm (rule), love and justice are the same and love justifies the means.
The first proposition as Fletcher puts it, only one thing is intrinsically good; namely love: nothing else at all. Fletcher (1963, pg56). This is the assertion that love is only intrinsically good. Therefore, actions are extrinsically benevolent or immoral if they promote love; which depends on their consequences rather than the actions in themselves. Natural Law and the Ten Commandments seem to be the opposite, where the actions are the deciding factor for morality.
The ruling norm of Christian decision is love: nothing else. Fletcher (1963, pg69) is the second proposition. Love is the only law; any other laws have to coincide with the law of love. Jesus deciding to heal on the Sabbath day made it evident that he did not believe the Ten Commandments to be absolute, "Then He said to them, 'The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath...'" (Mark 2:27). Jesus had abandoned the rules when love required him to do so, therefore, Christians should place love above legalistic laws such as the Ten Commandments and Natural Law.
Love and Justice are the same, for justice is love distributed, nothing else. Fletcher...

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