Examine How Shakespeare Presents The Relationship Between Othello And Desdemona Here And Elsewhere In The Play.

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This section of the play is where Othello has just arrived in Cyprus and they have found out there was a storm in which the Venetian ships survived but the Turkish ships were destroyed. Othello and Desdemona have a strong relationship, which is full of love and devotion. However, this changes throughout the play as, in Act 1 Scene 3, we hear of Iago's plan to ruin their marriage because he suspects that Othello has slept with his wife:"He's done my office. I know not if't be trueBut I, for mere suspicion in that kind,Will do as if for surety."This is Iago's reasoning for hurting Othello, even though he does not know if it is true, but he wants to get revenge anyway. We then see Desdemona and Othello in love but we can also see the Iago is plotting in the background to get his revenge, during Act II and then throughout Act III he is putting his plan into action by playing around with Othello's mind, telling him that there is something going on between Desdemona and Cassio and putting ideas into his head that Desdemona is having an affair behind his back. This goes on for a while until Othello finally breaks and first of all hits Desdemona in Act IV Scene 1.Throughout the novel, Shakespeare uses a wide range of literary and linguistic devices to present the relationship between Desdemona and Othello. This is shown in the given section from Act II Scene 1 and elsewhere in the play.In this section, from Act II Scene 1, we can see that both Othello and Desdemona are deeply in love with each other. This is shown through the way they great one another after their journey, apart, to Cyprus:OTHELLO: O my fair warrior!DESDEMONA: My dear Othello.Here, Shakespeare uses oxymorons in Othello's dialogue to describe Desdemona. The adjective 'fair' contrasts with the noun warrior as 'fair' is a soft and fragile adjective whereas a 'warrior' is someone who is known to be strong, courageous and aggressive in times of need. This shows how Othello views Desdemona as he would one of his soldiers in the army, however, the adjective 'fair' cancels it out and shows that really he does love her. Also the use of the noun 'warrior' is one in many words from the semantic field of war, used by Othello. In Act I scene 3, where Othello is being accused by Brabantio, in front of the Duke and senators, of stealing Desdemona, Othello uses many military terms to persuade the Court of his love for Desdemona, showing he is an honest and noble man:OTHELLO: The very head and front of my offendingHead and front are military terms, which Othello uses to show that he should be respected as he has been through a lot to be respected in the army and so wishes to be respected as Desdemona's husband also. Other military terms used here by Othello include 'arms', 'tented field' and 'battle', all of which are used in his "argument" to be acknowledged and respected as Desdemona's husband.Also, in the section given from Act II Scene 1, both Othello and Desdemona use the possessive noun 'my' when...

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