Examine The Use Of Stereotyping In An Example Of Visual Or Print Media, To Evaluate If Stereotypes Impact On People

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The judgments we make about people, events or places are based on our own direct impressions. But for most of the knowledge, we rely on media. The media actually re-present the world to us. However, the media only shows us some aspects of the world, ignoring the rest (Andrew Pilkington and Alan Yeo 2009). In this essay, I will explain what stereotypes are and primarily give an example of a famous men’s magazine called ‘nuts’ and explain how it stereotypes women and what are their impacts on people.

A stereotype can be defined as creating an on oversimplified, false or generalized portrayal of a group of people or an individual. They are often inaccurate. Though our world seems to be improving in many other ways, it seems almost impossible to emancipate it from stereotypes. Today, the media is so powerful that it can make or break an image of a person and also can change the views of the audience.

Advertising across billboards, TV and newspapers colludes to tell us that all women look a very specific way. Gender is perhaps the basic category we use for sorting human beings. The media mostly portrays men as strong, masculine, tough, hard and independent while women are shown as fragile, soft, clean and mostly 'sexy'. Whatever the role, television, film and popular magazines are full of images of women and girls who are typically white, desperately thin, and tailored to be the perfect woman. The representation of women on the print and the visual media mostly tend to be stereotypical, in terms of societal expectations (REFERENCE)

One such magazine that represents women in a stereotypical manner is called Nuts. Claiming to be United Kingdom’s no.1 lad magazine. This magazine gives its targeted readers a weekly fix of gadgets, a page is dedicated to the latest sports news, a page full of jokes, funny articles and quizzes. But 80% of the magazine has nude or semi-nude pictures of women. The magazine is very pornographic in its content.

Every Nuts magazine cover has a pretty woman with beautiful assets, possibly with her arms stretched out, posing in a sexual manner on the front page. They are dehumanized as only parts of their bodily features are mostly shown to the audience. This is to portray them as sexual objects and inferior to men. This may be because the magazine editors believe that sex sells. In addition men’s lifestyle magazines have also accepted the fact that sexually objectified women sell more magazines.

Most of the women pictured for the magazine wear red tops and a lot of dark, heavy make-up. Red in this magazine denotes or classifies passion, heat or lust (Branston & Stafford, 2010) and the impurity of women, making the male audience treating women as fetishist.

Mostly, such glossy magazines like Nuts represent only one type of woman who is seen to be a decorative individual. Beauty ideas are commonly represented in such magazines. One will see a white female with pouting red lips and the very petite body that...

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