Examine The Literary Creativity In The Fictional Text And Non Fictional Text: The Story Of Snow White

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Examine the literary creativity in the fictional text and non-fictional text: the story of Snow WhiteChildren's fairy tales have been around for hundreds of years and all over the world, it is interesting to note that only a select number of them, tales such as Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, have been reproduced and translated into different versions around different countries. With the effort of Walt Disney's animated feature, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), the story of Snow White is a fairy tale best known from many countries in Europe and all over the world for its basic elements: a beautiful young girl sent from her home, magic mirror, seven dwarfs, a poisoned apple provided by a wickedly jealous stepmother and the glass coffin. Indeed, in the first edition of the Snow White (Grimm, Jacob and Wilheim Grimm, 1857), the Brothers Grimm published the version they had first collected, in which the villain of the piece is Snow White's jealous mother instead of her stepmother. The original Grimm Brothers' version of Snow White is rather relied on dark and melancholic and dealt with topics such as life, death, jealousy, violence, vengeance. With this in mind, it is time to question 'Are these texts only perceived as fairy tale, or classified as literature?'Making references to theoretical bases of literary creativity by which numerous of scholars and theorists developed, this paper aims at contributing a discussion of creativity level and literariness by focusing primarily on the textual theories in the given texts. The fictional text chosen for analyzing is the original Grimm Brothers' version of Snow White while the non-fictional text called 'Snow, Glass, Apples: The Story of Snow White' cited from Realms of Fantasy magazine published in 1997, it provides a detail review and interpretation of the story of Snow White. The core of the discussing question is to identify the linguistic features which can be seen as creative and literary in both fictional and non-fictional text and explain the importance of these creative and literary features.Based on the inherency model and the textual approaches to analysis, it is found that numerous example of foregrounding, such as parallelism, deviation and intertextual elements incorporated in both texts, these elements are regarded as some level of literariness and creative in terms of its reformation and the act of ''cross-fertilization' (Koestler, 1976, p. 645).One of the prominent textual features found in both texts is phonological repetition, for instance, alliteration and assonance. In text 1, little snow white, examples of alliteration and assonance can be seen in the first two paragraphs, like 'in the middle of winter', 'pricked her finger' and' pride grew higher and higher', this shown a phonological parallelism with the repetition of vowel /i/, 'flakes of snow were falling like feathers' with phonic pattern repetition of /f/, 'her heart heaved' with repeating the sound 'h', 'water...

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