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Examines The Effects Of Pets On Child Development Along With The Pros And Cons Of A Household Pet On Children.

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More than half of all U.S. households have a companion animal. Households with children are more likely to have pets but there are still more pets in American households then there are children. Pets are believed to be beneficial on physical, social, and psychological health. I will specifically examine the effects of pets on child development along with the pros and cons of a household pet on children.History has proved that animals play a significant role in customs, legends, and religions of humans. Human-animal relationships were very important to primitive people's survival and petkeeping was common in hunter-gatherer societies. More recently, our population has increased pet ownership. Some reasons for the increase in ownership is to satisfy the need for intimacy, nurturance, and contact with nature. Animals have been used to promote physical and psychological health. In 1792, animals were used as part of treatment for mental patients in England in attempt to reduce the use of harsh drugs and restraints. In 1919 animals were first used in the United States in a therapeutic setting. From 1944 to 1945, the Army Air Corps Convalescent Hospital used dogs as companions for resident patients in the psychiatric area. The use of animals in outpatient psychotherapy was encouraged for patients recovering from war experiences. The patients were encouraged to work with the hospitals farm. Modest efforts to incorporate animals into treatment of psychotherapy patients began after the war. In the 1970s, studies of animals facilitating therapy with children and senior citizens were becoming more1apparent (NIH, 1987).Childhood is a period where many developmental tasks begin to evolve. Some of these tasks include acquiring a sense of basic trust and self-esteem, the sense of responsibility and competence, feelings of empathy towards others and the achievement of autonomy. These tasks are believed to be facilitated for children by the presence of a companion animal. A companion animal can help to meet the needs of children who suffer from mental health problems including depression and emotional problems. A pet acts as a playmate to the child and helps to facilitate activity and energy in the child. The unconditional love a companion animal provides is far reaching and teaches the child to act responsibly.Research on the role of pets in child development has mainly taken two forms:(1) Observational studies of interactions between children and pets.(2) Interviews with children in which their attitudes and beliefs regarding animals in general, and their own pet was examined.Major developmental changes occur during childhood. In correlation with that, the studies that were administered demonstrated developmental changes in how the children interacted with their pets. In the toddler years, two to three years old, these children were more likely to demonstrate more of an aggressive behavior towards their pet in the forms of hitting, poking and grabbing their...

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