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Although language can be analyzed through feminist linguistic analysis which gives an insight into inequality and trace the working of gender stereotype and ideologies, gender can be reduced and negotiated through discourse and performance of women.
The last few decades have seen an outburst of research on the nature and existence of differences between men and women. Judith Butler’s approach in ‘Gender Trouble’ reavles her believe that there is some existing identity, recognized through the category of women (Butler, 2006). Considering that sexual difference is constructed by the society, gender is used to be seen as quality and something to be learnt. However, because of the work of theorists such as Judith Butler, gender now is seen as a product produced by the society, “gender is something that we do” (Butler, 2006). Women are like men, they are social actors who work in different ways to achive preferred ends. Women have more power ...view middle of the document...

However, his study indicates that religion and society norms maintain the inequality between Egyptian wives and husbands. Hence, he gives the example of Bedouin women have more economic autonomy and control over the household and decisions than that of the urban (Homa, 2009). In addition to the case studies that this paper is going to provide to support the main argument, language analysis in discourse is going to be another foundation. The book ‘Gender Matters’ which is a compilation of different essays on feminist linguistic texts analysis by Sara Mills develops methods of analyzing literary and non-literary texts in addition to conversation from a feminist point of view. (Mills, 2012).She provieds the example of gender and impoliteness which can be traced in conversation depending on contextual judgments.
The paper is going to be divided into two sections. The first section is going to cover feminist linguistic analysis and how language is an arena of discrimination and an arena of women’s resistance towards sexism, and stereotype in conversation and text analysis. Moreover, the second section of the paper is going to cover the performance of gender and looks into gender as process, something that could be challenged. This paper will illustrate different case studies to support the argument that women are negotiating their position in the society in everyday interaction with the patriarchal structure of the society which is supported by the socioeconomic changes in the society.
The limitation of the study:
This paper is mainly based on secondary based material and different theoretical work and literature review. Paper will only focuses on the heterosexual group excluding thus gay, lesbian and transsexuals. The paper would use case studies of other researchers’ work such as, Homa and Lila Abu Lughod. The sociolinguistic work would focus primarily on the English language. Race question and ethnicity will not be included in the study.

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