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Examining Power Dynamics And Leadership Via Gold Course Management

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The team that I was a part of was a player service team located at a private golf club in northern Arizona. Player service can be described as the entire outside operation at a golf course such as managing the practice range which included setting up furniture and placements for hitting spots, cleaning up the practice putting and chipping greens of golf balls, rake the sand in the bunkers, breaking down the range, and cleaning all the golfs balls off the grass for morning mowing. Operating the bag drop area including the parking lot which made getting members clubs onto golf carts a faster process, placing golf bags onto the practice range, and checking players in on time for their tee times. Operating the staging area where we would attend to members finishing their round by cleaning their clubs and cleaning the trash out of the golf cart. Being a floater (supplier) for your staff was the most important position because you were the connection between stations and keep all the stations stocked. Each shift had a shift captain whom would be in charge of the player service staff during the shift period. The purpose of this team is to create a memorable and easy experience at the course by helping the member and their guests with anything they might need. This may be grabbing them a golf cart or helping with alignment on the range. Daily objectives were stressed on all aspects of communication. Every person was capable of completing not only their own work but assist on others in different positions. In order for the team to perform on its highest level, every member must work hard and make very few mistakes. Everyone involved understands that we are a team working towards the same goal every single day and knew what every member expected of the others.
Even with every member of the team being on the same page we still needed to deal with conflicts and problems. Team conflicts can arise from the smallest of problems ranging from a simple task performed by a single member of the team or a team goal being interrupted because of a leader. Power in leadership positions and bad team dynamics are causing intergroup altercations from receiving empowerment through bad communication. The shift captains are meant to be there to guide the rest of the team in the right direction and to help with easy problems that may arise at the workplace. Instead our shift captains were abusing their power and corrupting the system. In the system in place at to golf course you’re supposed to move from one outside operation position to another every two hours to give somebody a break, also to keep a non-routine forming system. In order for this switch to happen the shift captain fills in specific spots in the operation for the other employee to make the move and relieve the operation that he or she is moving too. For many months this system was working, everyone knew what they had to accomplish on a daily factor in order for this golf club to operate at a high standard....

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