Examining The Controversy Against Teaching Creationism In The Classroom

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Examining the ControversyTracey SgroiHIS 324Teresa MushikOctober 14, 2007AbstractMy research paper will examine the laughable, yet unyielding attacks on naturalistic science by the newly revived movement of the "scientific" theory of Intelligent Design. Although this movement lacks scientific credibility, somehow it is beginning to secure a strong hold in American culture. Its most notable influencers consist of politicians, legislators, and scholars in universities and colleges across the United States. If this pseudo-science is allowed to mainstream into the classroom, the impact on our education system would be a regression of our nation to pre-Enlightenment Age practices. I wish to find answers as to why the American public could so blindly accept this new science in light of the fact that there is no real science to be found in their organization.EXAMINING THE CONTROVERSYThere is a new "science" lurking in the darkness, just beyond the deepest shadows. If accepted by the public majority, the social and cultural implications of its acknowledgment could be immeasurable. The validity of present day science has never seen such an absurd challenge, but there are those that actually give credence to its claims. The brazenly admitted goals of this new science are to use Intelligent Design as a "wedge to reverse the stifling dominance of the materialistic worldview, and to replace it with a science more consonant with Christian and theistic convictions" (Branch, 2007, p.282). This pseudo-science constitutes a threat to the integrity of education and, in the end, clouds the ability of the public to judge past and future scientific and technological claims.There are many questions to be considered in examining this new "I.D. Science." First and foremost, what kind of science is this really? How relevant will this "science" be to our children's education, and what could be its long term implications? And finally, what exactly has the impact of the controversy surrounding it been on the natural sciences and the American culture thus far?Like any good controversy, there are many players. The sides are not always clearly divided nor are the issues totally black and white. What confuses and often misleads those who are targeted by the issue at hand is the deceit woven into the fabric of their "scientific" argument and the overwhelming complication of the controversy. The argument is riddled with complex scientific language and the target audience happens to be a scientifically naïve public. Embroiled in the heat of this battle are legitimate natural scientists from all over the world attempting to defend the integrity of true science, and the other is being fought by representatives of The Discovery Institute's Center for Science and Culture. Who lies in the middle of this battle, you ask - your kids, my kids, future science laboratories, freedom of religion, our educational system, and so on. The list is endless and the...

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