Examining The Genetic Inheritance Of Apricot Eyes And Wingless Mutations In Drosophila

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Examining the Genetic Inheritance of Apricot Eyes andWingless Mutations in DrosophilaChris WahlGenetics (Biology 170)Introduction:We sought to gain further knowledge on the genetics in traits for the organism, Drosophila. Further, we sought to observe the mode of inheritance, number of genes and whether the traits we were observing were X-linked or autosomal traits. We would gain this information by the use of controlled breeding and Mendelian ratios.When using controlled breeding it was necessary to know exactly what mutations we were working with and putting together. In our case, we were dealing with the apricot eyes and wingless mutations. Controlled breeding involves the development of specific predetermined strategies on when to begin and end a season of breeding. In our case, we controlled the breeding season with virgin female flies. We performed controlled matings of the flies and then analyzed the data we collected from those previous matings to draw conclusions on the genetic basis and mode of inheritance of the traits. The duration of a season of breeding can depend on a few factors. These factors include the objective at hand, the size of the population being studied and the preferences of the experimenters. Some breeding does not last very long, just a few weeks, while others can last several months. Our controlled breeding lasted for a little over a month. During this time crosses were made between the Drosophila and analysis was gathered, as will be further discussed. In comparison, controlled breeding is used very commonly in with cow populations. "For beef breeders, using a controlled season offers many advantages. Restricting a breeding season to 60-70 days will produce a more uniform calf crop" (Sexton). This gives the breeders the option to market longer and more uniform lot sizes. Some of the same concepts were applied with our controlled breeding of Drosophila. By controlling the breeding of our flies were able to observe a uniform population for longer.Along with controlled breeding we used the Mendelian style of research to gain results. Gregor Mendel was a monk in the 19th century who conducted experiments on the hybridization of pea plants. He did this to determine the transmission of heredity characteristics from parent organisms to their children. Essentially, he sought to examine the genes, the units of inheritance. Mendel's methods dealt with using population genetics. In other words, he observed a large population and that populations characteristics to determine modes of inheritance from parental organisms. To determine the information we sough we used Mendel's effective methods.As we know, different molecular forms of a single are called alleles and different alleles specify different versions of the same trait. Dominant alleles are expressed in heterozygous individuals where as recessive alleles are expressed only in homozygous individuals. To observe the mutations in Drosophila we observed the various...

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