Examining The Group Dynamics Of A Team

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In the forming stage, group members at ECI are polite and enthusiastic to be involved with a potential new business opportunity. The forming stage is relatively short, mainly due to the fact that most personnel on the team have known each other for many years.
Storming is one of the more difficult stages of group development and can often lead to team tension and potential failure. Stein (2014) adds that behaviors during the Storming stage may be less polite than during the Forming stage, with frustration or disagreements about goals, expectations, roles and responsibilities being openly expressed. Members may express frustration about constraints that slow their individual or the team's progress; this frustration might be directed towards other members of the team, the team leadership or the team's sponsor. During the Storming stage, team members may argue or become critical of the team's original mission or goals. The storming stages with the team at ECI left the group frustrated and indifference about the overall direction of the potential new division.
During the norming stage, team members began to resolve the tensions and difficulties from the storming stage. The members began to cooperate and work together on a common ground. The group has encouraged open communication which results in increased productivity.
Progress is starting to be made during the performing stage of group development. The group has come to a unanimous decision that the company would best benefit by having a well pad optimization division to gain additional revenues as the construction boom declines. Stein (2014) also adds they share insights into personal and group process and are aware of their own (and each other's) strengths and weaknesses. Members feel attached to the team as something "greater than the sum of its parts" and feel satisfaction in the team's effectiveness. Members feel confident in their individual abilities and those of their teammates.
Once the team has come to an agreement for the potential new business opportunity for the organization, the team is no longer needed. The final step of the adjourning process was to present the business opportunity to key players in upper management for approval.
Roles and the Role Dynamics of the Team
Role Ambiguity
In a recent study by Wood (2010), role ambiguity is the term used when there is a lack of clarity on the part of an individual about the expectations of the organization and colleagues concerning his or her role within the organization. The team members at ECI used open communication during the storming stage to avoid any potential issues. Roles and responsibilities were discussed and agreed upon in the initial stages which helped in the team success.
Role Overload
Role overload is defined by Psychologydictionary.org (2014) as a scenario wherein a person is expected to accomplish more than the person is able to do in a particular time frame...

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