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A significant step towards achieving inclusive education in the UAE was possible after passing the Federal law 29/2006. The articles 12, 13, 14 related to this law ensure that the special need student’s right to education is met and article 15 appointed a committee to oversee the implementation of the law (Gaad, 2011). The private education system came in to meet the demands of the diverse expatriate population needs that come from various cultural backgrounds. It is found that mostly students with mild disabilities got admitted however students with multiple needs often got admitted only into centre’s (Bradshaw et al. 2004 & Gaad & Khan 2007). Hence this particular case study was chosen as the student had multiple needs.
The student identified is a female of Indian nationality, aged ten and with Cerebral Palsy. As per the reports (refer appendix 2) it indicates that she has a history of epilepsy and continues to take regular medication for it. An MRI result shows left pariteo-temporal cortical dysplasia which has affected the right side of the body resulting in a lot of physical limitations as disclosed by the mother. In addition to it she has learning difficulties perceptual issues and attention deficits (refer appendix 3 &4). While the case study was done some limitations were noted due to the information being personal and confidential especially the medical needs and counselling support provided. There were certain medical records which could not be interpreted correctly.
Cerebral Palsy is a condition defined by (Scope in Fulton 2004) “caused by brain lesion which is non progressive and leads to variable impairment of the coordination of muscle action, with resulting inability of the person to maintain normal movements.” It also comprises of different types Spastic which is further classified as Hemiplegia, Diplegia and Quadriplegia the other two types are Athetoid and Ataxic. Sometimes a mixed type is also possible. However students can be a part of the mainstream school and though they need a diverse kind of help to overcome their physical limitations. They do have average or above average intelligence in spite of their physical disabilities (Fulton, 2004).
On obtaining the two assessment reports done for the student in 2009 & 2013 it (appendix 3 & 4) showed a great variation in the IQ score a clear explanation on that was not provided. However the reports stated that she would be able to function with the help of extra support and accommodations in her assignments and tests. Hence the student was always enrolled in a mainstream school. She started attending the current school about a year ago. Prior to this the student was attending another private school in Dubai. The reason for the change as disclosed by the parent was to be able to attend a school which is in close proximity to her residence and it provided learning support services which was verified from the school website.
The case study is conducted in a...

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