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Assignment: Case study - Management at Southwest AirlinesQuestion: 01 Name at least two things that Southwest is doing efficiently. Name at least two things that Southwest is doing effectively. In what ways do efficiency and effectiveness support each other at Southwest? In what ways do they contradict each other? Southwest Airlines is one of the important Airline of USA. Southwest Airlines may only rank 317 on the Fortune 500 List but the company ranks highly on most publications' Most Admired Companies lists. Efficiency means using resources wisely and in a cost effective way. The Southwest Airline exists point on behalf of the case. ✓ Southwest didn't adopt the hub-and-spoke system ✓ It preferring a short-haul ✓ Point to point schedule ✓ Carrier operates out of small ✓ Use less expensive airports in many major markets Effectively means making the right decisions and successfully implementing them. At first we say that present CEO and President of Southwest act as a leader not manager. A manager thinks incrementally, while a leader think radically. A leader leads the employee in better ways rather than managers. The effective manner as- i) Southwest use the low cost air carrier and successfully implementing them ii) The company flies only one type of jet, and it adopt successfully and maintenance a better way iii) Southwest took right decision when they use of long Island's Islip iv) The President and COO Colleen Barrett of Southwest Airlines say "We aren't in the Airline Business, we are in the Customer Service Business" It is very effective in case of Southwest. v) Remember that Southwest has no labor union. They are unionized; it has never experienced a labor strike. That means Southwest use human resources effectively.In the Southwest Airlines the top level managers use resources cost effective way and efficiently that already discuses above. It has a proper management division and maintains all human resources in an efficient way.It is in the CS business. According to "Colleen Barrett", President and COO, South-west Airlines."The organization is not in the 'airline business'; It is in the 'Customer Service business' and it just happen to fly airplanes."Two things that Southwest is doing efficiently: One is operates out of less expensive airports in many major markets and another one is wisely uses human resources without labor strike.Two things that Southwest is doing effectively: First one is listening to employees with receive ideas and information. Second one is pioneering concepts such as eliminating meals.Question: 02. Based on the information in the case, describe the managerial skills that Southwest managers such as Colleen Barrett and Jim Parker use in their jobs at Southwest. Include examples of situations in which they use these skills. Southwest Airlines made use of three managerial skills in the process of overhauling the company: decision making skills, communication skills, diagnostic...

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2289 words - 9 pages their employees first priority over their customers. Over the years Southwest Airlines has expanded strategically and most recently has been offered expansion opportunities by over one-hundred cities. Southwest Airlines has proven to take advantage of opportunities like these and succeed because of the high-frequency, short hops at low prices they offer. Although other airlines have begun to incorporate Southwest Airlines strategies and values

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1295 words - 5 pages and anti-gay slurs. Included were complaints regarding the lack of attractive flight attendants available for potential dating. In addition, the pilot stated the Southwest Airlines flight attendant workforce in general was a collection of gays, grannies, and ‘grandes’, referencing overweight, older women. The two major players in this case are the Southwest Airlines Flight Attendants Union and Southwest Airlines management. In

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1387 words - 6 pages their share to make the company work.What weaknesses or problems do you see at southwest airlines?There are not many weaknesses when it comes to operating problems for Southwest. One weakness could is how Southwest adjusts to the aftermath of September 11. If they will be able to keep the high traffic, or if the cost of more security at the airports cost them a lot.Another issues are whether the new management team will be able to replace Herb

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879 words - 4 pages reduced profitability. Southwest has almost eliminated this risk by developing a fare structure that is consistently by far the simplest and most straightforward of any major airline. All of Southwest's customers can peruse different fare options at the company's website, and the company's restrictions on tickets are more lenient than fares of its rivals. Most other airlines have complex fare structures with ticket prices varying widely according

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2144 words - 9 pages SWA they use the golden rule as a basis for the way they treat each other and customers as well that has resulted in more than 97 consecutive quarters of positive quarterly dividends based on sales reflecting a strong strategic advantage. All airlines own airplanes, sell tickets, handle baggage and provide customer service but the one consistent difference that seems to stand out at SWA when compared to the competition is employee attitude and

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1354 words - 5 pages "? Secondly, "Do we cut flights that are not filling the amount ofpassengers to make it profitable"? Southwest has not done either of the above tocontinue with the same quality service they give the customers. Next, we need tolook at how the company deals with flight patterns when thunderstorms are in thearea of the flight. Southwest Airlines has a very good policy for this as reported inAir Safety Week article. The magazine reports that the

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2134 words - 9 pages persona, he has proven that he is not afraid to address issues internally or even externally. Southwest airlines stocks were being scrutinized as the company said good by to Kelleher and welcomed Parker as president. At that time, the perception was that airlines were entering a recession with the rest of the economy. Parker's direct leadership style approach was to keep the support and confidence of his subordinates by addressing skeptical

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1119 words - 4 pages BibliographyKernin, Roger A. and Peterson, Robert A. Strategic Marketing Problems: Cases and Comments. 11th Edition.Southwest AirlinesSouthwest Airlines employees came together in late January 1995 for their weekly Tuesday meeting. A main topic of discussion was the competitions between Southwest airlines and "Continental Lite" and "Shuttle By United". As they were beginning the meeting a staff member advised the team of two changes "Shuttle By

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2457 words - 10 pages was given to marketing the company.Alternative SolutionsResolving which Knowledge Strategy is AppropriateKnowledge Management strategy is characterized by its goals and methods used to pursue the goals. The goals, methods and techniques can be managed in a central or de-central way. (Grolik et al, n.d.) The company needs to resolve whether to retain the central strategy or de-central strategy. In the case presented, the company apparently

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2499 words - 10 pages making changes that would allow them to compete more directly with larger airlines. JetBlue became vulnerable to its competition when management made the choice to shift focus from customer service to expansion. III. SYNTHESIS A. ALTERNATIVE SOLUTIONS 1. An alternate strategy for JetBlue to return to profitability is to expand the market it services. A large part of JetBlue’s business is transporting customers from cold cities to warm ones

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2977 words - 12 pages Southwest Airlines is described as an upside-down pyramid. The upper management is at the bottom and supports the front line employees (~35000), who are the experts. This is Herb Kelleher's unorthodox leadership style, in which management decisions are made by everyone in the organization, not just the head executives. The company is described to not have much emphasis on structure; instead employees are encouraged to think freely without

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1313 words - 5 pages - By providing a stable work environment with equal opportunity for learning and personal growth. Creativity and innovation are encouraged for improving the effectiveness of Southwest Airlines.2. What management theory, in your opinion, does SWA follow?Due to SWA culture and the nurturing of their CEO Herb Kelleher; SWA management serves the company best using a participative leadership style. SWA places great emphasis on productivity and customer

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