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ideaideacorpcorp andand
Intel Technology Philippines, Inc.Intel Technology Philippines, Inc.

Emmanuel C. Lallana, PhDEmmanuel C. Lallana, PhD Cheryll Ruth SorianoCheryll Ruth Soriano
In consultation with the Study Group on Universal Internet Access:In consultation with the Study Group on Universal Internet Access:
Erwin Alampay, PhD Erwin Alampay, PhD (UP-National College of Public Administration and Governance)(UP-National College of Public Administration and Governance) Jose Gerardo Alampay, EsqJose Gerardo Alampay, Esq (Last Mile Initiative) (Last Mile Initiative) Alan AlegreAlan Alegre (Foundation for Media Alternatives) (Foundation for Media Alternatives)
France June Bitanga France June Bitanga (La Salle Institute of Governance)(La Salle Institute of Governance) Edgardo CabariosEdgardo Cabarios (National Telecommunications Commission) (National Telecommunications Commission)
Horacio CadizHoracio Cadiz (Philippine Network Foundation) (Philippine Network Foundation) Shiela CantosShiela Cantos (Innove Communications) (Innove Communications) Edna Dela CruzEdna Dela Cruz (Innove Communications) (Innove Communications)
Timoteo Diaz De Rivera Timoteo Diaz De Rivera (Commission on Information and Communication Technology)(Commission on Information and Communication Technology) LorenzoLorenzo Formoso, EsqFormoso, Esq (Commission on Information and Communication Technology) (Commission on Information and Communication Technology)
Roy Ibay, EsqRoy Ibay, Esq (Smart Communications, Inc.) (Smart Communications, Inc.) Antonio InocentesAntonio Inocentes (Department of Education) (Department of Education)
Mayette MacapagalMayette Macapagal (Bearing Point) (Bearing Point) Francisco Magno, PhDFrancisco Magno, PhD (La Salle-Institute of Governance) (La Salle-Institute of Governance)
Pamela MappalaPamela Mappala (Agricultural Training Institute, DA) (Agricultural Training Institute, DA) Alvin Marcelo, MDAlvin Marcelo, MD (National Telehealth Center, IOSN ASEAN + 3) (National Telehealth Center, IOSN ASEAN + 3)
Mary Grace MirandillaMary Grace Mirandilla (The Asia Foundation) (The Asia Foundation) Daniel Pabellon Daniel Pabellon (National Economic and Development Authority)(National Economic and Development Authority)
Susana Panes Susana Panes (National Telecommunications Commission)(National Telecommunications Commission) Virgilio PenaVirgilio Pena (Former Chairman, CICT) (Former Chairman, CICT)
Frank Perez Frank Perez (Former Commissioner, CICT)(Former Commissioner, CICT) Rudy Quimbo, Esq Rudy Quimbo, Esq (Independent ICT Consultant)(Independent ICT Consultant)
Evelyn SadsadEvelyn Sadsad (National Economic and Development Authority) (National Economic and Development Authority) Juli Ana SudarioJuli Ana Sudario (Commission on Information and Communications...

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1981 words - 8 pages through Just in Time set of techniques. The process is driven by a series of signals, or Kanban that tell production processes to make the next part. Kanban are usually simple visual signals such as the presence or absence of a part on a shelf. JIT causes dramatic improvements in a manufacturing organization's return on investment, quality, and efficiency.For example involves picking up from one supplier and delivering to the cross dock, such as

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6481 words - 26 pages PAGE PAGE 35 MUET Speaking Past Year Questions INDEX Ref. No Theme Page 1 Modern Life 2 Crime & Security 3 Qualities of People / Role Models 4 Exchange Students 5 Tourism / Promoting Malaysia 6 Internationalism / International Issues 7 Globalization 8 Jungle Trekking / Camping 9 Social Issues / Problems Among Youths 10 Parent-child Relationships 11 Activities Suitable for Young

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579 words - 2 pages 20th century literature, particularly literature which the setting is based on the days of World War I, the gangster era, and prohibition are prime examples of the classic authors of America. These books show corruption and hate, and portray crime that is considered horrific in our generation, as everyday happenings of the time periods based on the settings in these books. A quintessential example of these types of books is Raymond Chandler's

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2880 words - 12 pages Running Head: Nursing Care StudyNursing Care StudyYour Name Goes HereName of Your College Goes HereGeneral InformationE.S. is a 94 year old female, born July 30, 1909. She is widowed. She is of Catholic religion. She stated that her mother was from Germany and her father was from Ireland. She is an only child, and never finished school because she married at a young age. Her date of admission was July 8, 2002 with the diagnosis of left hip