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ideaideacorpcorp andand
Intel Technology Philippines, Inc.Intel Technology Philippines, Inc.

Emmanuel C. Lallana, PhDEmmanuel C. Lallana, PhD Cheryll Ruth SorianoCheryll Ruth Soriano
In consultation with the Study Group on Universal Internet Access:In consultation with the Study Group on Universal Internet Access:
Erwin Alampay, PhD Erwin Alampay, PhD (UP-National College of Public Administration and Governance)(UP-National College of Public Administration and Governance) Jose Gerardo Alampay, EsqJose Gerardo Alampay, Esq (Last Mile Initiative) (Last Mile Initiative) Alan AlegreAlan Alegre (Foundation for Media Alternatives) (Foundation for Media Alternatives)
France June Bitanga France June Bitanga (La Salle Institute of Governance)(La Salle Institute of Governance) Edgardo CabariosEdgardo Cabarios (National Telecommunications Commission) (National Telecommunications Commission)
Horacio CadizHoracio Cadiz (Philippine Network Foundation) (Philippine Network Foundation) Shiela CantosShiela Cantos (Innove Communications) (Innove Communications) Edna Dela CruzEdna Dela Cruz (Innove Communications) (Innove Communications)
Timoteo Diaz De Rivera Timoteo Diaz De Rivera (Commission on Information and Communication Technology)(Commission on Information and Communication Technology) LorenzoLorenzo Formoso, EsqFormoso, Esq (Commission on Information and Communication Technology) (Commission on Information and Communication Technology)
Roy Ibay, EsqRoy Ibay, Esq (Smart Communications, Inc.) (Smart Communications, Inc.) Antonio InocentesAntonio Inocentes (Department of Education) (Department of Education)
Mayette MacapagalMayette Macapagal (Bearing Point) (Bearing Point) Francisco Magno, PhDFrancisco Magno, PhD (La Salle-Institute of Governance) (La Salle-Institute of Governance)
Pamela MappalaPamela Mappala (Agricultural Training Institute, DA) (Agricultural Training Institute, DA) Alvin Marcelo, MDAlvin Marcelo, MD (National Telehealth Center, IOSN ASEAN + 3) (National Telehealth Center, IOSN ASEAN + 3)
Mary Grace MirandillaMary Grace Mirandilla (The Asia Foundation) (The Asia Foundation) Daniel Pabellon Daniel Pabellon (National Economic and Development Authority)(National Economic and Development Authority)
Susana Panes Susana Panes (National Telecommunications Commission)(National Telecommunications Commission) Virgilio PenaVirgilio Pena (Former Chairman, CICT) (Former Chairman, CICT)
Frank Perez Frank Perez (Former Commissioner, CICT)(Former Commissioner, CICT) Rudy Quimbo, Esq Rudy Quimbo, Esq (Independent ICT Consultant)(Independent ICT Consultant)
Evelyn SadsadEvelyn Sadsad (National Economic and Development Authority) (National Economic and Development Authority) Juli Ana SudarioJuli Ana Sudario (Commission on Information and Communications...

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This is an example of a case study done on a nursing home resident with dementia. Includes physical assessment data

2880 words - 12 pages Running Head: Nursing Care StudyNursing Care StudyYour Name Goes HereName of Your College Goes HereGeneral InformationE.S. is a 94 year old female, born July 30, 1909. She is widowed. She is of Catholic religion. She stated that her mother was from Germany and her father was from Ireland. She is an only child, and never finished school because she married at a young age. Her date of admission was July 8, 2002 with the diagnosis of left hip

Objective: to evaluate financial and non-financial implications of Winston Barkwith's proposal in relation to the North West Trust stated aims (case study example)

1467 words - 6 pages can't be made using the past experience as a guide. Consequently, form financial point of view they are going to be subjects to greater risk by being the product of forecasts and estimates. The riskier the project the more return the company is likely to require. In the case of Winston's proposal we can consider the venture as a diversification, which is usually associated with required return of at least 30%.Although no discount factors are

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1030 words - 4 pages of commercials can come as an unexpected surprise. For example, there is a commercial about Trojan condoms. I believe it is one thing to promote safe sex, and another, so it may seem to have the connotation of promoting sex itself. Importantly, the majority of the listeners are between the ages of twelve to thirty years of age. Even if one or every twelve year old hears and interprets that the commercial is promoting sex and wishes to 'fit in


751 words - 4 pages Shiny Pokémon are very rare, even in the terms of how often Pokémon are in the games. Statistically, the chance for a different colored Trophy Pokémon is about 1/4096, but that probability can be increased. There are three main ways to increase your chances of getting this prize, and they are actually not that difficult. One way is to use a Pokéradar, and encounter the same Pokémon over and over until it is a Shiny. Another way is using a new


921 words - 4 pages Nowadays, the education system develops a lot in recent years. This states more and more individuals become to pay more attention to education. The great majority families would like to support their children to achieve better education. Therefore, most of school-age population has a chance to attend university or college to achieve higher education. The rules of school tend to be very strict especially for academic honesty. In the consideration

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695 words - 3 pages One example of deviance that I would like to write about is euthanasia. The Webster's dictionary defines it as the act or practice of killing a suffering individual painlessly for reasons considered merciful. But, why do some accept certain kinds of killings, but not others. To tie in with another assignment, the death penalty was created to punish criminals who have created such unspeakable crimes. For some in society, the death penalty is

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1382 words - 6 pages about in this leader paper because I believe that she is a good example of how a nurse can advocate and improve patient care for the better. In Clerici’s case, she was unsatisfied with the care children were receiving in the community as a result of a facility closing (Cavanaugh, 2012). Through her activism and determination Clerici has been able to grow her company from the ground to be one of the top 15 healthcare companies within Ontario (Down

Toyota: An Example Of Good Corporate Governance

1795 words - 7 pages . However, to understand why this approach is an example of good corporate governance ethical, it is important to outline the stakeholder approach to management. First, a stake is defined as “an interest or share in an undertaking…rang[ing] from simply an interest in an undertaking at one extreme to a legal claim of ownership at the other extreme…in between the two extremes is a right to something.” From this definition, it is clear that employees

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1368 words - 6 pages establish each of their lives all over again by moving to the United States has driven my priorities to become successful very high and not become part of statistics of staying in the middle class or in poverty. To begin with today, social structure has political influences of who gets what, For example today if you are born into a working class area, it is more likely for your own children to also remain in the middle working class scale as well

Harrassment Is an Example of Discrinimation in Employment

879 words - 4 pages subjected to unwanted and unwelcome treatment due to their race, colour, religion, sex, national origin, age or disability factor. Harassment usually included an offensive jokes, unwelcomed comments that related to a person’s protected class and lastly through the physical threat or contact. Example of issue or case that related to harassment will be share and discuss on the following case and issue section. Usually women are the most victims of

Darwin’s Finches: A Prime Example of Evolutionary Developmental Biology

1330 words - 6 pages driving force behind the speciation from the finches’ last common ancestor. The correct terminology for a slight difference in an overall similar anatomy is morphological novelty. In the case of Darwin’s finches, the morphological novelties are the different beak sizes and shapes. The differences are thought to be the effect of different food sources available on the island, necessitating different beaks morphologies; the cause of the different beak

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