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Case Study Of An Airline In The Post 9 11 Era, And A Marketing Analysis Of How The Airline Can Gain Marketshare

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Background: The 9-11 tragedy has left its residual effects on the Americanbusiness environment in much the same was as untimely encounter with a skunk leaves its scent behind long after the encounter ends. While the American consumer's confidence in the airline industry is steadily climbing on the polls, the reality is that given the option, many travelers are selecting methods of transportation other than air travel. The result is that the damaged Airline industry is having a more difficult time shaking off the effects of 9-11, and charting a course forward toward profitability.To counteract this trend, the following recommendations are prepared for Continental Airlines. The campaign name is "Continental's Premium Pass(ages)." At the core of this campaign is a renovation of the Continental "One Pass." This existing frequent flier mileage program has received high awards for customer satisfaction in the late nineties, but the current name carries no brand awareness. Each area of promotion, strategy to increase brand awareness, and tool used to increase ticket sales will be a facet of the "Continental Premium Pass(ages)" of CPP service upgrade.The mindset of this promotion is just as important as the tools employed. In 50 years, 9-11 will be seen as a blip on the economic radar screen. Today, it is a large aberration. Just as we can look back at the stock market crash of 1929 as an event with both a definitive beginning and ending point, the 9-11 attacks will also be viewed from this vantage point. This perspective will also permeate the CPP campaign, as the company moves forward by linking today's performance and reputation to that of 1999, 2000, and early 2001. The Company can no longer expect to build success by referring to performance in light of how we have recovered from 9-11. This campaign will utilize a multi-contact, multi-media approach designed to build brand awareness, increase ticket sales, and reduce the number of empty seats.Goals: Brand Awareness through Traditinal Marketing Vehicles: Introducing the expanded CPP will increase our brand awareness by re-identifying the generic title of "One Pass" frequent flier miles with our specific airline. This new title will carry increased brand awareness into each avenue of the campaign.Brand Awareness via Electronic Marketing Vehicles: Awareness of Continental Airlines can also be increased by repeat communications with existing customer base. As a part of ticketing process, the company should begin collecting email addresses along with traditional mailing addresses, as well as accumulation this information from existing One Pass members for use in the following promotions.Increased ticket sales: Advertising the CPP, and generating the most media impressions for the dollars spent is key to a successful launch of this multi-tiered, multi-media program which will result in increased ticket sales, and fewer empty seats.Reinforcing Existing strengths: During 1999, 2000, and 2001, Continental...

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