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Example Of An Arranged Marriage Essay

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Marriage is a union between two people who love each other, but what happens when it is an arranged marriage? This thought probably never crossed your mind, and to be honest it never crossed mine either. Although, the interesting part about all this is, my parents are living proof of an arranged marriage. It is not a simple task to fall in love with a complete stranger, but my parents proved to me that it could work out, even though it is a long way to the path of success. In addition, many people do not know what an arranged Indian marriage looks like, but it is time I cleared that up for those people who have no clue.
First, the groom will get some background information on the bride. A ...view middle of the document...

In addition, the groom’s side will always get more money since the male is the head of the household in Indian custom.
Once again, the groom will go to the bride’s house with his family to introduce himself and during that time the tradition of sugar, eating takes place. The groom and bride sit next to each other. Then the father of the bride will bring out a plate of sugar, which of course is not the normal sugar we put into coffee. The sugar that they use is tiny sugar cubes about the size of a small button (in India you call the cubes Calcutta). It is very important that they are only these specific sugar cubes. Once the plate arrives towards them, both the bride and groom must eat out of it three times. When they eat the sugar three times each, in Indian culture that means they will have a sweet life. In other words, after they get married, since they ate the sugar, their life will be prosperous and will not encounter many difficult paths in their married life. They will not have big problems with each other such as divorce and can live happy lives with one another.
Then it is already the day of their engagement ceremony. In other words, both the bride and the groom go to the church (grooms) to be engaged. The priest will say a few prayers and bless them; the witnesses of their engagement are their family members. When the priest swears them in they are engaged, and members of both sides of the family are living proof of seeing their union to one another.
Afterwards, they invite everyone to have brunch in the church hall. During this time, everyone will be mingling with everyone else. This is when the bride and groom get a chance to talk amongst each other. Although with my parent’s it was a bit different considering the fact they were shy with one another and that made it hard for them to start a conversation with each other.
Once more, the bride and groom’s family meet to discuss their children’s wedding. At that time, the bride and groom will not see each other. When the days of the wedding get closer, they might feel like seeing/getting to know each other better and wanting to meet. This should never...

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