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The Love Parade Festival Stampede 2010

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During Event
The Love Parade Festival is the one day celebration of house and techno music; however, it became fatal in 2010 when a partygoer came upon a bottleneck in a tunnel and turning into raging stampede. The festival was thought to host only 300,000 but more than expected number of people ended up joining. The music festival was way too full; more than one million people were believed to have attended the event. The stampede occurred at about 1700 local time (1500 GMT) when many people accessed and left at the same time through the tunnel. Duisburg police originally stated 10 deaths, but the tool later enlarged. At least 10 people were saved in the scene (BBC News, 2010). Many witnesses disapproved the choice to only provide one entrance to the music festival; police was warned about the situation of overcrowding ahead of time (BBC News, 2010). There are ten people who are responsible for this stampede have been charged because 21 people were killed at Duisburg Love Parade electronic music festival in 2010. These included four city officials and six private event organiser; they encountered a variety of custodies from bodily harm in involuntary manslaughter (Los Angeles Times Articles, 2014). Furthermore, according to (, 2014), “Witnesses told CNN affiliate NTV that people pushed into the tunnel from both sides until it was dangerously overcrowded. The panic began when people began to lose consciousness as they were crushed against the walls and each other”. There are estimates that one million and four hundred thousand people attended the largest techno music festival in the world, which was the first time that held in the western city of Duisburg. The majority of the partygoers enjoyed and danced the festival till nightfall. Government workers make the decision to carry on the event without report to people about the stampede, so that less panic will be generated. According to the police, there were thousands of people trying to access at the festival when police closed down the scene; it was difficult to move frontward or backward in or nearby the tunnel during that period of time (Connolly, 2010). Thomas Muenten, a journalist for ZDF, the German public television channel thought “It’s a horror situation, especially because rescuers cannot get through to those injured,” “The people literally trampled each other on the way into this tunnel”. Some people fainted or fell down and got stumbled by the panicking people to death. (Perry and Lindell, 2003, pp. 49--60) identified four circumstances that usually triggered panic to occur, firstly, the awareness for immediate and serious danger, secondly, the awareness of only a few routes for evacuation, thirdly, the awareness of the routes are closing, and immediate evacuation has to make, fourth, lack of understanding and communication about the condition. These circumstance combined together could triggered the crowds to start panic and irrational decision on evacuation could be...

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