Example Of Memorandum From School Principal University Of North Texas/Professional Development And Supervision Homework Assignment

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~~UT Child Development Center~~
2205 Comal Street
Austin, TX 78722
May 18, 2017
TO: Jennifer Rodriguez
FROM: Caroline Ray, Principal
RE: Unauthorized Absence During Staff Meeting
This memorandum is regarding your unauthorized absence during a staff meeting on May 15, 2017.
Our secretary, Mrs. Jones, wrote down staff attendance at the beginning of our staff meeting on May 15, 2017, and you were not in attendance. I did not receive a leave request slip from you beforehand and you confirmed with me that you did not submit one. In your signed contract, you will find that it is required to submit a leave request slip to me for approval if you need to miss a staff meeting. Also in your contract, there is a requirement for teachers to be present at all staff meetings unless authorized to do otherwise.
Based on the above, I conclude that you, Ms. Rodriguez, have violated leave policy, which states that employees must submit leave request slips for approval of absences during staff meetings. You have also violated staff meeting attendance policy, which states that teachers are required to be present at all staff meetings.
In the future, it is necessary that you attend all staff meetings, unless authorized by me to do otherwise. We will need to have a conference should this type of incident occur again.
This memorandum will be added to your permanent file located in the secretary’s office.
I have received a copy of this memorandum. I understand that my signature does not necessarily indicate that I agree with its contents. I further understand that I have the right to respond in writing within 10 working days.
________________________________________ _____________________________________
Signature of Employee Date
~~UT Child Development Center~~
2205 Comal Street
Austin, TX 78722
January 22, 2017
TO: Albert Davidson
FROM: Caroline Ray, Principal
RE: Repeated...

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