Case Study Of Pharmacy Industry

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Name of Industry or Sector (Strategic Group)The Pharmaceutical IndustryThreat of new entrantsSeveral aspects have been taken into consideration for the threat of new entrants. Firstly, the expenditure of R&D is too costly, especially for the branded prescription drugs. Regarding the pipeline, it takes too long a time for new drugs to move from discovery to market, nearly 12 years. In this situation, the spending on R&D is high due to the long lead times which have something to do with the clinical testing. Furthermore, the growing spending on R&D and contrarily the decline of new drugs reaching market indicate that the market yield is falling. Considering the patent protection, one-third of the top 35 molecules (NCEs) will counter patent expiry by 2004 in which the generics will not be against by the regulations. Finally, the spending for pharmacy is controlled by governments and their methods vary from each others and sometime are very strict and combined with many approaches. A further obstacle is the government approvals slow down. In the 1990s, the FDA approved 35-45 new compounds a year but in the first nine months of 2001, only 11 were approved (Smith).Threat of substitute productsAs surgery develops, many diseases and illness can be cured through operations instead of taking pills, which maybe more convenient and, time and money saving. Moreover, being without side effects, surgery has an advantage over drugs. So it seems that it is unnecessary to be intervened by drugs. However, the threat is low to the industry.Power of customersAs there are many ways to get information about drugs, such as TV advertisements and internet, customers have many options and high awareness of price. Furthermore, the convenient transportation and different distributions offer consumers various ways to purchase. For example, they can prefer other countries' drugs due to the barriers to some certain drugs. Meanwhile, because the expense of pills is increasing, customers tend to generic products rather than branded products.Power of suppliersAt present, pan-European companies search for lowest cost of products from suppliers in Europe by parallel imports through which they can buy raw material in low price in one country (Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and Greece) and distribute in another. In this case, suppliers own little power because most of raw materials are merchandise that can be obtained from a large quantity of suppliers.Rivalry between competitorsCurrently, the pharmaceutical market is occupied by nine major strategic markets (the US, Japan, France, Germany, the UK, Italy, Canada, Brazil and Spain) making up over 80 percentage, among which the US grows fastest while Japan was the second single biggest market with sale of $51 billion and, together with the US accounted for 50 percentage of the worldwide sale of ethical drugs in 1999. It is predicted that the US is continuing to increase its world market share and to be the leader. Meanwhile,...

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