Examples And Analysis Of Religious Conflicts

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Conflict is a state of open often prolonged fighting such as the battle or war. They can be things as harmless a small argument or something as big and devastating as a war. Conflict plays into a lot of our lives and exists throughout all time, and does not just pertain to any one such area. Although there are many types of conflict, religion is the biggest source of conflict, many disputes are caused by people's religious beliefs because we all tend to believe differently than one another, and that can, and does, lead to conflict. An example of this would be, Al Qaeda fighting to overthrow the government because they're doing what they believe religiously to be right. Other examples would be bombers at the 2014 Olympics or the hunting of sea mammals in Japan and how it follows the religion to do these things. When people don't agree on what should be done in these situations conflict sets in.
From religion and can rise many types of conflict including political, in Iraq conflict arises from “an insurgency led by militants affiliated with Al Qaeda” (Arango, Tim and Kareem Fahimjan, New York Times, “Iraq again uses Sunni tribesmen in militant war”). The Al Qaeda militants are trying to overthrow the government because of their religious beliefs, because they want to have more control over people. But it's because of these religious beliefs that this insurgency is sparked in the Prime Minister is forced to embrace the Sunni tribes to get their support to help fight against the militants. Although some support is gained, many do not want to join for fear of his false promises “of permanent jobs, pensions and death benefits for their families if they die on the battlefield.” (Arango, Tim and Kareem Fahimjan, New York Times, “Iraq again uses Sunni tribesmen in militant war”). Even asking for the support of the tribesmen causes conflict between them and the Iraqi government, because in past wars promises were made to the Sunni tribes “only, they say, to be abandoned by the Iraqi government after” the war. (Arango, Tim and Kareem Fahimjan, New York Times, “Iraq again uses Sunni tribesmen in militant war”). “After gaining victory over Al Qaeda those tribesman were rewarded with the cutting of their salaries, with assassination and displacement”. (Arango, Tim and Kareem Fahimjan, New York Times, “Iraq again uses Sunni tribesmen in militant war”). Even here religious differences are the source of war against political figures.
Another thing affected by religious conflict is the military, things like bombings, wars and other devastating events. In Sochi the location of the 2014 Olympics, security is high as the Caucasus separatists, who are terrorists that are trying to “press the independent causes of Muslim populations in the Caucasus Mountains region that are agitating for an Islamic-ruled state” (Williams, Carol. , LA Times, “Sochi Olympics safety fears soar after video”) threaten a bombing attack on...

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